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Our healthcare providers have been carefully selected to ensure that the physical healing we provide our clients is nothing short of outstanding. Each of our doctors and nurses come with certifications, awards and experience that is unmatched, and their careers have been dedicated to the kind of holistic and sustainable medical attention that we want to provide for our guests. The Guest House Ocala is a place where you can heal your mind, body and spirit together, and our medical staff is here to help ensure that all these aspects of your recovery are integrated to achieve complete wellness.

Douglas Davies, MD, FASAM

Medical Director

Dr. Doug Davies is an experienced addictionologist and an active member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He is fellowship-trained in Addiction Medicine and certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine.

He maintains appointments at Florida State University where he regularly lectures and mentors medical students, patients, and family members on topics that he is passionate about. These areas of addiction medicine include healing from tobacco addiction and the physical, emotional, and spiritual underpinnings of the disease we call addiction.

He serves as the Medical Director of The Guest House, leads our medical staff, and offers a no judgment, no pressure healing energy to all who cross his path.

“All of our patients are holy sacred beings who deserve to be free. I will do my very best to help each and every one of our patients achieve their recovery goals.”

Doc Davies, as the clients refer to him is a key fully integrated member of an exceptional team of nurses, consultant physicians, and therapists. Through personal experience, professional training, indigenous healing workshops, and elder mentoring he has developed a clear understanding that at the core we are all connected.

With this level of awareness, he knows how to engage patients suffering from trauma and addiction and welcome them into the light of recovery.

Yousef Elyaman, MD, IFMCP

Functional Medical Director

Dr. Elyaman is a board-certified internist with a cross-specialization in pediatrics. He belongs to the first graduating class of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s certification program, making him one of the first IFM-certified functional medicine practitioners in the world.

He is the founder and medical director of Absolute Health: Medical Wellness Center, a primary care practice located in Ocala, Florida, and has successfully integrated a functional medicine approach into his practice which has grown to include doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and lifestyle educators. He also provides telemedicine services for those who cannot visit the practice in person. Dr. Elyaman has over a decade of experience helping patients find the root cause of their diseases.

In addition, he has developed and introduced a pharmaceutical-grade line of supplements called “Dr. E’s Choice.” Thanks to its success and high demand, it is now available to consumers both in the office and online at His education and practical experience make him one of the foremost experts in Primary Care Functional Medicine.

Dr. Elyaman joined The Guest House Ocala from its founding as their medical director. As the clinical staff helps heal our clients’ minds, the medical team led by Dr. Elyaman helps heal their bodies. This has proven to be a powerful combination with outcomes exceeding all expectations.

Dr. Elyaman is the author of the upcoming book: Ignite Your Healing Power: How to Reverse Disease and Feel Fantastic. He is also a prolific public and motivational speaker who has given hundreds of lectures to the public as well as to medical practitioners. As part of the teaching faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine, he teaches doctors and other healthcare providers how to implement Functional Medicine with their patients. His teaching approach, while based in science and research, is crafted to be accessible to all.

Dr. Elyaman was born in Chicago and raised in Florida. He is the eldest of 15 siblings, all of whom are either practicing physicians or working towards a career in healthcare. Family is a cornerstone of Dr. Elyaman’s life. He is a devoted husband and father of four (three sons and one daughter). He currently lives on a horse and cattle ranch in Ocala. His hobbies include reading, camping, boating, fishing, swimming, playing chess and, most recently, horseback riding. He also gives back to the community through his involvement in, and support of, local charitable organizations.

Pari A. Deshmukh, MD

Director of Psychiatric Services

Dr. Deshmukh is board certified in general psychiatry, addiction medicine and integrative holistic medicine. He completed his residency training in psychiatry from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH where he also served as Chief Resident. In addition to traditional psychiatry training, he has pursued specialized training from renowned psychotherapy institutes and became specialized as a geriatric psychiatrist practicing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He is also a certified mindfulness and heartfulness meditation trainer.

Dr Deshmukh focuses on addressing the most significant components of the human mind and body that can contribute to mental illnesses and addictions. He uses biological, psychological, social and spiritual approaches to help his clients attain long-lasting improvement and recovery.

Catherine Duncan, RN

Director of Nursing

Catherine is a Florida native who began her nursing career 20 years ago in the fast-paced environment of critical care. Before returning to her first love of mental health nursing, she also served as a nurse manager and educator, where she shared her knowledge with others and played a key role in ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Cathy has always had a compassionate heart for wounded people. Her non-judgmental and understanding spirit comes from her own personal healing story, which is reflected in the kindness and support she shows her patients. In particular, Cathy holds a special place in her heart for patients who are veterans with PTSD or have experienced thoughts of suicide due to her son's service in the US military.

At The Guest House of Ocala, Cathy and her team of nurses work together to assess each individual's needs and provide compassionate care for those who are on their journey to recovery. As Director of Nursing, Cathy is responsible for overseeing the nursing staff and ensuring that guests receive ongoing medical support throughout their stay. She also helps them to stay motivated and focused on their treatment goals. Her proven track record of leadership, dedication and expertise has made Cathy a valued addition to our team.

When she's not at work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her family, attending concerts, traveling, and watching sunsets with her yellow lab, Hank.

Ashlee Seek, DNP, APRN

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Dr. Ashlee Seek is the co-founder and co-executive director of Faithfully Guided Health Center, LLC and co-executive director of the Faithfully Guided Foundation 501(c)3. She received her nursing degree from University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Nursing Practice from South University. She has also trained in functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

As a board certified advanced practice nurse, Ashlee knows firsthand the profound impacts that emotional stressors have on physical health. Time and time again she has witnessed the consequences of mostly preventable diseases affecting the well-being of individuals. Her passion is to create a culture of health through generational change that utilizes an inter-professional approach to connect the spirit, mind, and body. As a health enthusiast, Ashlee believes optimal health should be available to everyone and that in fact, most diseases can be reversed, eliminated, and prevented through modulating responses to stress and making lifestyle changes. Since this is a tall order, a guide is necessary!

Ashlee has been involved with outreach programs within her community for many years and feels best when she is giving back. She is a lifelong learner and creative leader. She has completed thirteen marathons, enjoys rigorous cycling vacations with her family (a passion that is not always shared by her children), and was recognized among the “Top 100 nurses in Marion County.” She is passionate to improve health outcomes and is working diligently to share resources and inspire others to do the same.