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Meth is often among the first hard drugs to come to mind when you think about addiction. It has a reputation for being addictive and destructive due to its intense effects on the mind and body. Unfortunately, this reputation isn’t enough to ensure that everyone steers clear of the substance — the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates that just under 800,000 Americans were current meth users in 2017. The survey also points out the intersection between illegally produced methamphetamine and abuse of stimulant prescription medications such as Adderall and Ritalin; with similar chemical makeups, these drugs can produce similar highs. Prescription stimulants, therefore, may serve as a gateway to street meth as prescription cost becomes prohibitive or access is restricted.

But street meth, often called crystal meth as a result of being sold in a translucent rock-like form, comes with many added risks. Meth users have no way of knowing where or how the drugs they purchase are created — unsanitary conditions, low-quality or filler ingredients and inexperienced drug makers can result in a product that has the potential to be lethal. What’s more, illegally produced meth can be much more potent than prescription versions, and users don’t know how intense a particular dose will be before they use it. This makes overdosing a real danger, and also means that users have little control over how high they will become each time they use meth. There’s no question that meth abuse and addiction must be addressed and treated as soon as possible — and The Guest House Ocala is here to help.

Treating Meth Addiction at The Guest House

The Guest House provides premier recovery treatment for adult men and women who are struggling with addiction and other self-defeating behaviors. We specialize in treating negative behavior patterns that are brought on by trauma or other underlying causes; our holistic approach treats the mind and body for long-lasting recovery. Our center is located on a secluded private estate outside of Ocala, Florida, ensuring our clients’ confidentiality and comfort during their treatment with us. We are fully equipped to assist with meth addiction at all levels of care, from medically monitored detox through outpatient therapy. If you or someone close to you is in need of a program like ours, contact us to learn more about our admissions process by calling 855-483-7800 today.