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When you come to The Guest House Ocala seeking healing and sanctuary, you can feel confident that you will be wholly cared for during your stay. Our residential team works tirelessly to make sure that your needs are accounted for and that all of your care is coordinated and managed — both here and as you transition into life beyond our programs.

Michelle Quinton

Program Director

Michelle has been working in the treatment industry since 2004. For seven of those years, Michelle served as Admissions Director for a renowned treatment center. Having worked closely with those suffering with trauma and addictions over the years, she has been able to provide insight and guidance on setting loving boundaries. She has also worked with many other agencies to ensure proper placement of those seeking services, including Archdiocesan offices in multiple states.

As a talented artist, Michelle brings her creative spirit to the Guest House Ocala as our Program Director. Michelle oversees multiple departments and works in concert with the clinical and medical team to ensure that every guest receives nothing less than exceptional care.

Luann Talsky

Case Manager

Luann comes to the Guest House from a nationally renowned treatment facility with over 10 years of experience working with those suffering from substance abuse, trauma, and mental health.  She is in recovery herself and feels privileged to lend her expertise and experience to her role as a case manager, Luann is dedicated to ensuring that every guest receives the proper services throughout their stay.

As a part of the treatment team she works collaboratively with each guest’s primary therapist, outside referral source and family as appropriate. Individually, she works with each guest to complete a full case management assessment to determine their needs during their stay, upon discharge, and monitors progress during their stay.  Additional services include legal case management and working with the courts and probation offices, disability matters, linkage to outside ancillary and recovery services.

When the time comes time to leave our program, Luann ensures that everyone is still able to feel safe and well as they return to their daily lives by working with each guest to build a healthy and safe discharge plan. These services may include finding providers closer to home, coordinating care at the Guest House with previous providers, referral sources and/or recommending providers in new fields. Like so many members of our team, Luann is passionate about empowering our clients and welcoming them without judgement or exclusion.