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Staying Emotionally Connected

Substance abuse can take a toll on your emotions, which means learning to live without the influence of substances can throw your emotions off too. You deserve to live free and more emotionally connected with yourself and those around you. Sometimes, after leaving treatment, the fluctuations of emotional connection can be disruptive to your sobriety.Read More

Is Role-Play Therapy Right for Me?

People use role-play to help them prepare for interviews, speeches, or meaningful conversations. Practicing what they’re going to say or identifying potential obstacles is how role-play can help. Role-play can also help you in your recovery. What Is Role-Play? Role-playing, also known as psychodrama, with two or more people helps transition you from a placeRead More

Side Effects of Meth

Methamphetamines are one of the most commonly used illegal drugs and one of the most dangerous. Individuals who use methamphetamines become addicted quickly and experience short-term and long-term effects with both physical and psychological outcomes. Furthermore, those who continue using put themselves at increased risk for deadly overdose. Methamphetamines lead many people worldwide towards brain damage, psychosis,Read More

Peers in Treatment

It only takes something as a simple debate, strange look, or a difference of opinion to cause conflict; the same is true in addiction treatment facilities. Some people in treatment will clash because of their different personalities, life experiences, and backgrounds. If you know that you may disagree with someone while in treatment or struggleRead More

What Is Risk Evaluation in Addiction Recovery?

Balancing your risks takes time and careful evaluation. Taking on the challenge of risk management in life is an open-ended undertaking. Since no one can predict all of the variables and obstacles that could occur throughout their life, one can question the point of risk management. What Is Risk Management? When you’re close to completingRead More

Making Lifestyle Changes That Promote Personal Growth After Treatment

When someone goes through trauma treatment, choosing to make lifestyle changes that promote personal growth provides an empowering experience. Treatment can help individuals heal from trauma, but there’s much more to the recovery process than that. Trauma treatment, whatever form it takes, should be followed up with lifestyle changes to help individuals continue to seeRead More

Dangerous Substances vs. Controlled Substances

When it comes to dangerous substances versus controlled substances, some people do not know many details or understand the differences. It’s necessary to know the differences between the two because you may be facing possible legal charges. You may also be looking to identify the differences between the two, so you can help someone youRead More

Do I Have a Gambling Addiction?

Every minute of the day, someone is gambling. Many people use gambling as an enjoyable, harmless way to spend some time. Cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City thrive on people who seek distraction by taking a vacation to rest and gamble. Gambling problems occur when the fun of playing turns into an obsessionRead More

Exploring New Hobbies After Substance Abuse Treatment

Many people who went through treatment for drug or alcohol abuse carved out a time in their day-to-day schedule to explore new ideas and activities free from drugs and alcohol. However, when we get caught up in the day-to-day rush of work demands, family obligations, and volunteer commitments, it can sometimes seem overwhelming, and theRead More

Can I Be Fired for Seeking Addiction Treatment?

If you struggle with substance use disorder (SUD), you may be afraid of losing your job. It is a common fear for people who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some people’s addiction may worsen if they are afraid of having their employment terminated. However, you should know that there are laws inRead More