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Can Positive Affirmations Help in Recovery?

You go to your local bookstore, and there is a self-help book everywhere you turn. If you decide to pick one of these books up, you will notice positive affirmations. It may seem odd to tell yourself how amazing you are when you do not feel that way. You may even think that this isRead More

Finding Wellness Through Yoga

Yoga has increased in popularity in the past few years. It is a proven form of beneficial exercise for both the body and mind. With the help of yoga, people who struggle with physical or emotional traumas can relieve stress and improve their health simultaneously. Those who struggle with substance abuse or behavioral addictions areRead More

What Should I Look For in a Recovery Community?

A recovery community is essential for overall wellness within your journey. However, you have arrived with thoughts of wondering what a healthy recovery community looks like. It is important to explore what means the most to you within recovery and how you can find what will be beneficial. Finding a recovery community that supports youRead More

The Dangers of Self-Medicating Bipolar Disorder

Self-medicating bipolar disorder is a dangerous practice that can lead to a variety of risks. Those with bipolar disorder must take extra care to ensure that a qualified medical professional supervises their treatment protocols. They must also be aware of the dangers that come with self-medication. While self-medication can seem like a quick fix toRead More

The Difference Between Substance and Non-Substance Addiction

“Addiction” is a word that gets thrown around casually these days. Modern society has grown increasingly sensitive to the plight of those who struggle with addiction. However, it has also become a word that is often used to describe casual preferences or habits. The danger of addiction is in how few people understand it. OvergeneralizingRead More

Working With Sobriety

The path of recovery has countless rewards. More benefits of sobriety seem to unfold as we progress from day to day. No matter how far we may feel we have fallen in life, in recovery, we have the opportunity to achieve heights of living that we never thought possible before. Sometimes, however, there are challengesRead More

What Relapse Can Teach Us

Relapse during recovery can be one of the most difficult experiences to face. It can be a time of intense emotional pain and self-doubt, and sometimes feel like all hope is lost. Despite these feelings, those who have experienced relapse during their recovery can find ways to learn from the experience and use it toRead More

What Does the Healing Process Look Like?

When many people think of the healing process, they think of a linear line. Once you receive trauma treatment, you are healed and can go on with your life. However, this is not the case. Healing is full of ups and downs, and some days may feel more challenging to get through than others. BeingRead More

Can Equine Therapy Help Me Trust Again?

According to the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) News in Health, human-animal interaction has various benefits. Animals have been shown to decrease stress and loneliness. They can also increase feelings of social support and boost an individual’s mood. One of the most amazing animals used for healing is the horse through equine therapy. What IsRead More

When Medical Detox Is Necessary

Substance abuse is a problem that affects many people. It can lead to an array of physical and mental health issues and can be difficult to overcome. For some, medical detox is necessary for successful recovery. Medical detox is a process of gradually reducing an individual’s substance use under the care of a medical team.Read More