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“This Is Me” Is The Trauma Anthem You Need

According to Genius Lyrics, “This Is Me” was not originally written as an anthem. Written by the very same talents which curated the words to the songs in the smash hit La La Land, the song was powerful as it was. Speaking with directors, the writers were instructed to put more power behind the songRead More

Why Do We Keep Secrets?

Children rely on the adults around them to provide information, knowledge, wisdom, and set an example. Though children are learning from the outside in, they possess an incredible amount of internal wisdom already. Intuitive and keen, children are amazing observers, consuming information by the gallon and making sense of it on their own. Seeing anRead More

“This Is Me” Is The Trauma Anthem You Need

The Greatest Showman was released in late 2017, offering the world an intoxicating soundtrack full of deeply personal songs. One song in particular, “This Is Me” spoke out to millions around the world, earning the song a Grammy Award and recognition from leaders. In the film, the song is sung by the band of “freaks”Read More

Were You A Secret Keeper?

When we are children, secrets can make us feel more grown up and “a part of”. A secret is a piece of insider information, something coming from the top of the adult hierarchy. Having a secret bestowed upon us feels like gaining access to a secret club, where membership is only given to the mostRead More

Breaking The Barrier: Taking Online Friendships Offline

Living in a modern digital age has its benefits as well as its discrepancies. Social media platforms like Facebook have given us the opportunity to feel closer than ever to friends, family, celebrities, public figures, and others all around the world. We can watch and witness the daily events of people in our lives withoutRead More

Facebook Friends: Reality And Relationship Problems

Facebook notifications have become a drug of choice for millions upon millions of adults around the world. Separated from old friends, constrained by the matters of distance, time, and availability, too many adults are suffering deeply from the disease of loneliness. When Facebook became a website available to more than college students, adults started findingRead More

How Do I Know If I’m Being Gaslighted?

In the 1944 movie Gaslight, a young woman named Paula played by Ingrid Bergman meets a handsome and charming Gregory Anton, played by Charles Boyer. Paula experiences “love-bombing” in a whirlwind romance which quickly sweeps her off her feet and everything she knows as a foundation in life. Within a short amount of time, PaulaRead More

How To Be The Best Parent To Yourself: Part Four

This is part four in our series on how to be the best parent to yourself and love your inner child. Each of us has an inner child who may not have had their basic needs met in the way they really needed. Our inner children are also smart, creative, imaginative, and curious, full ofRead More