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Can Creative Writing Give Me a New Perspective on Life?

When we’re feeling as though everything is falling apart, many people turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms – such as alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, and more. They hope that what they’re doing will distract them from the pain they’re experiencing or provide them with some form of relieve. While this main work temporarily, the realityRead More

Can Music Therapy Help With Triggers?

Whether you have a mental illness or an addiction, triggers are relevant to your recovery. Triggers can be anything – a person, place, object, or situation – that causes you to want to relapse. For mental illness, relapse could mean reverting back to self-harm, self-medication through use of substances or drugs, reckless behavior, and more.Read More

How Does A Moral Injury Affect Our Lives?

The majority of us can kill an ant, squash a bug, or even swat down a spider without much thought. They’re bugs, after all, mere insects, and we don’t feel too morally objective toward abruptly ending their little lives. Some of us are hunters and shoot down big game like deer, moose, elk, boar, pigs,Read More

Does Mindfulness Help With Pain?

Mindfulness is not a new form of healing. The great Buddha discovered the life-changing secret of mindfulness in his meditations and path to enlightenment. Many Brahmins, mystics, spiritual leaders, and intellectuals also knew the power of mindfulness. Today, in 2018, mindfulness is perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords of the millennia thus far. A simple,Read More

Should I Seek Treatment For Trauma?

  You should seek treatment for trauma if any event in your life has ever caused you to change the way you see yourself, see the world around you, or see your place in that world. You should seek treatment for trauma if you have experienced any single traumatizing event in your life. You shouldRead More

What Is Stigma?

Join the conversation about mental health and mental illness, and you are likely to hear the word “stigma”. You aren’t likely to hear the word “stigma” in a positive context. Stigma has a negative context in the conversation on mental health and mental illness because stigma creates negative perceptions about mental illnesses as well asRead More

How Can I Spread Mental Illness Awareness?

Awareness is the key to change. Awareness is what takes us from a state of unknowing to a state of knowing. Once we become aware, we cannot become unaware of whatever it is we have just become aware of. We may “forget”. We may choose to live in ignorance or denial. However, we choose toRead More

What Constitutes As Bullying?

October 1st on every year is the World Day of Bullying Prevention in which millions come together to spread awareness of Bullying, it’s long-term effects, and strategies for preventing bullying wherever possible. World Day of Bullying Prevention is part of the National Bullying Prevention Month sponsored by STOMP Out Bullying, an organization supporting students. TheRead More

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Bullying?

A British study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry utilized data from the British National Child Development Study which followed participants for 50 years starting in 1958. Parents of the more than 7,500 participants reported “bullying exposure” at 7 and 11 years old, according to the study. Follow-ups were conducted between ages 23 andRead More