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It’s been said before, but recovery is a process, not a destination. The hard work of staying sober doesn’t end when you complete a treatment program — in fact, this is often just the beginning. Once you return home, you’ll continue to spend each day achieving your recovery goals and learning how to live a balanced, sober life. You’ll be challenged by new stressors, experiences and responsibilities along the way, but an alumni group can provide the support you need to overcome these obstacles and celebrate your successes, so you feel ready for anything.

At The Guest House, we know that the support of others is crucial when readjusting to the reality of life after treatment. It can be a jarring experience, and it isn’t always easy to practice good self-care or healthy habits when you’re on your own. That’s why we provide an Alumni Program for graduates of our trauma-focused programming — so that you’re not on your own, not ever, and will always have the fellowship of staff and peers who care about your well-being. From the moment you leave treatment, our Alumni Program provides unconditional love and support to help you move forward in recovery and live your best life.

What is an Alumni Program?

Addiction thrives in isolation. Feeling disconnected from others can magnify evasive, harmful behaviors, disrupt healthy relationships and undermine accountability, sabotaging the progress you’ve made in your recovery. Community, on the other hand, is a cornerstone of lasting sobriety, with studies showing that those who are a part of a recovery community are less likely to relapse and have better long-term outcomes than those who are not. Considering that the first five years of post-treatment recovery are often the hardest, when you’re still readjusting to daily life and learning how to navigate the world without drugs or alcohol, having a community to rely on can provide support no matter what you’re going through.

At The Guest House, we’ve witnessed countless times how the support of a dedicated recovery community enriches the lives of patients after treatment and provides an opportunity to connect with others on a similar path. An alumni program does all of this and more, with ongoing groups and services that help strengthen your recovery in ways that extend beyond treatment. In our Alumni Program, you’ll benefit from a network of like-minded peers who know what you’re going through and build up a strong support system that will always be there for you. Whether you need some extra guidance, want to share your experiences or just want to talk, an alumni group can help you stay engaged and remind you that all the work you’ve done is worth it, making it easier to maintain your recovery.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

The support of friends and family is crucial to your success in recovery, but they don’t always know exactly what you’re going through. An alumni program connects you with a community of individuals who have had similar experiences and can offer advice, guidance and insights that are relevant to your situation. Being a part of an alumni community also helps you establish strong, healthy relationships and gives you the opportunity to explore new hobbies or interests with sober peers. You can get as much or as little out of an alumni program as you want, leveraging it in times of need or reaching out to help others when you’re feeling strong and stable. Other benefits of an alumni program include:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Stronger communication skills
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Community involvement
  • Sober fun and activities
  • Meaningful support and guidance
  • Opportunity to help and inspire others
  • Access to recovery tools
  • Effective relapse prevention
  • Strong community bonds and fellowship
  • Ongoing connection to The Guest House
  • Referrals for therapy, sober living, etc.

The dedicated recovery community that an alumni program provides is in itself a powerful tool for maintaining long-term sobriety and mental wellness, adding another layer of support to help you stay on track. For those dealing with trauma and other mental health-related concerns, connecting with peers that can empathize and help you cope may also improve your outlook, reduce symptoms and sharpen your recovery skills. Life will always happen on its own terms, but an alumni program can help you meet its challenges with grace and surety.

The Guest House Alumni Network

At The Guest House, we want you to know that you’re never alone in your recovery, so our Alumni Program provides a sense of fellowship and support long after you leave treatment. The goal is to encourage ongoing growth and development as you readjust to daily life, and ensure that you can always connect with someone who understands. For many, checking in with their support network and simply talking is comforting, while others like to take advantage of group meetings and activities to strengthen their recovery. Our Alumni Program provides plenty of opportunities for you to connect and engage in different ways, with options that include:

  • Alumni and group meetings
  • Online sessions for remote support
  • Recovery-oriented activities
  • Structured events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Sober sponsors and mentors
  • Chemical dependency education
  • Relapse prevention support
  • Mental health support

Participation is flexible and you can get involved as often as you’d like, whether you need some extra support or just want to socialize. As you gain confidence and progress in your recovery, an alumni program is also a great way to share your experiences with others and help newcomers through the same obstacles you may have encountered.

Each year, The Guest House also plans several seminars, workshops and retreats to support clergy and the religious in recovery from a variety of addictive disorders. The events are designed as an opportunity to celebrate recovery through the sharing of experience, strength and hope by our retreat leaders and all those participating in the event. Fellowship is key, and time includes presentations, discussion, prayer and rest. Our events are offered to The Guest House alumni and also to other clergy and the religious who came to recovery through other treatment centers, or entered recovery on their own.