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Our founders and executives are the dreamers and doers who brought The Guest House Ocala to life. Their personal experiences have given them insight into the world of recovery and a keen understanding of the wants and needs of people who struggle with addiction, mental health disorders and trauma. They continue to lead our team with the same passion that drove them to create The Guest House and work every day to ensure that our programs are the best they can be.

judy crane


Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Judy’s leadership is guided by over three decades of experience working in both residential and outpatient settings. She is a Certified Addiction Professional in Florida, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, a Certified Hypnotist, certified in EMDR and an internationally recognized specialist for healing trauma and PTSD. Over the last 15 years, she has developed one of the country’s leading treatment centers specializing in trauma/PTSD and addiction recovery as well as spearheaded Spirit2Spirit Healing, a new movement in experiential and holistic therapies. She is a sought-after speaker and presenter on PTSD and sexual trauma resolution, and she currently also serves as a consultant for many of the country’s leading treatment centers to train their clinical teams.

In 2010, Judy was chosen to receive the Administrator of the Year Award from the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators for her significant achievement in the field of addiction treatment administration. In 2012, she was selected as the Behavioral Healthcare Champion in recognition of her life-changing therapy, services and support to Americans who suffer from mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Judy believes that persistent addictions, chronic relapse and repetitive self-sabotage are often the results of unresolved trauma. Healing occurs when we identify the “root cause” of addiction. She often says, “You have to unravel the trauma story to understand the addiction story and write the recovery story.”

For Judy, The Guest House Ocala has been a labor of love. Its creation is a combination of every healing moment within her lifelong service and commitment to others. Her continued work is motivated by both unrelenting vigor and fixed determination. Here, her passion and purpose have collided.

John West

Co-Founder, Managing Director

With a career spanning over ten years, John West has earned a name for himself as an international alcohol and drug Interventionist, Sober Companion and Crisis Manager specializing in high-profile clients like celebrities, politicians, musicians, scientists, artists and executives.

John was born the son of actor J. T. Walsh and Susan West, a businesswoman and author who served as the president of biodynamically grown skincare company Dr. Hauschka. John was influenced by his parents’ creativity, fame and success and an appreciation of homeopathic healing. After college, John moved to Hollywood to pursue a producing career when his beloved father suddenly passed away. Overwhelmed and in great pain, John succumbed to the lure of drugs and alcohol that eventually almost killed him. After an intervention by his mother and dearest friend, he was given the gift of recovery. This experience led him to find his true calling as a Sober Companion and Interventionist in the film and recovery industry, where he can help those who feel unable to share their pain because of their public image.

John met and was treated by Judy Crane in 2004 and became addiction-free after many years of struggling to overcome it. This led to a longstanding friendship and business partnership. John brings a wealth of experience and contacts to our venture of helping others rebuild their lives.

Many years in the making, The Guest House is a dream come true for John. It’s a culmination of hard work and the desire to truly heal those suffering from the inside out in a safe, peaceful and luxurious setting. From the bottom of our hearts, welcome!

Rick Fungaroli

Vice President of Operations / CFO

Rick Fungaroli’s career in the medical field spans 30 years and multiple specialties, including critical care, emergency nursing, trauma, mental health and case management. He worked in nursing, management and administration in several Florida health institutions before joining forces with Judy Crane as Chief Operating Officer at her first groundbreaking treatment center. When Judy and John began their plans for The Guest House, Rick saw the importance of their venture and decided to lend his expertise to the development and leadership of the new facility.

Rick’s administrative leadership is influenced by years of working closely with clinicians and patients. Through his experiences, Rick has gained a firsthand understanding of the best ways to care for people who are struggling with addiction, trauma or other mental health difficulties. At The Guest House, he firmly upholds our commitment to guaranteeing our guests’ comfort and safety and ensuring that they have access to the best services and care available.

Nancy Jenkins, MBA, MSW

Compliance Director

Nancy comes to Guest House Ocala with over three decades of management experience, with close to twenty of those years in Substance Abuse and Mental Health. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and returned to school for a Master’s in Social Work. Additionally, she has received professional certifications in health care quality, and Lean Six Sigma.

Prior to working in the treatment field Nancy was working in the engineering field building bridges. Due to her own personal recovery journey, she made a life decision to build different bridges to help people suffering from trauma and addictions. She joined Judy Crane in 2003 and has worked with her to help create exceptional trauma treatment services in separate facilities.

Nancy’s passion lies behind the scenes in the delivery of quality healthcare services with a proven track record of lucrative outcomes by taking multiple healthcare and training organizations through successful licensing and accreditation with The Joint Commission, CARF, NBCC, NADAAC, and FCB, but also through creating measurable performance improvement initiatives, strategic planning and assisting facilities in raising the bar on the quality of care. Nancy has also been involved in outcome studies using evidence-based research, writing trauma curriculum for master’s level college credits, and remains active on several regulatory committees.

When she isn’t working, she is involved in working with others through volunteer work and enjoying a quiet life with her four cats, Bear, Mitch, Minxie, and Winnie.

Michelle Quinton

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle has been working in the treatment industry since 2004. For seven of those years, Michelle served as Admissions Director for a renowned treatment center. Having worked closely with those suffering with trauma and addictions over the years, she has been able to provide insight and guidance on setting loving boundaries. She has also worked with many other agencies to ensure proper placement of those seeking services, including Archdiocesan offices in multiple states.

As a talented artist, Michelle brings her creative spirit to the Guest House Ocala as our Program Director. Michelle oversees multiple departments and works in concert with the clinical and medical team to ensure that every guest receives nothing less than exceptional care.