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While we all know that we should try to do what’s best for ourselves and our health, it’s much easier said than done. Even in typical daily life, there are frequent obstacles that make it difficult to make the best or right decisions, sometimes ones as simple as choosing a salad instead of a cheeseburger or being polite to coworkers when you’re in a bad mood. For those who struggle with more than just these small, mundane challenges, though, things can quickly spiral out of their control.

Difficult life events — like trauma, grief or stress — can make it infinitely harder for a person to put themselves and their well-being first. The emotional impact can lead a person down a path of self-defeating or self-destructive choices, whether they realize it is happening or not. They may be too focused on dealing with their pain or processing what they’ve been through to understand the potential consequences of their actions, or to care what the consequences might be. Soon, these behaviors become habits or patterns, and they begin to take their toll on physical and mental health. They may also begin to impact an individual’s family, friends or other loved ones. At this point, seeking professional treatment to help address the behaviors and their underlying causes can be the best — and possibly only — way to help a struggling person regain their health and happiness.

Treating Self-Defeating Habits and Behaviors at The Guest House

The Guest House focuses on guiding you as you discover the underlying causes of your actions and behaviors, and the outcome of this mission is to reduce and reverse any harm that your self-defeating habits have caused. Whether the effects have been mental, physical or both, we know that it’s possible for you to regain your strength and replace these damaging habits with healthy ones. We are an open and welcoming community of people who are simply seeking respite and recovery from the difficult hands that life sometimes deals us, and no matter what your concerns or background may be, we can help you heal. Contact our admissions team today to find out if our programs are right for you or your loved one — call us at 855-483-7800.