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Our marketing and admissions team serves as our first point of contact with the public. Whether they are fielding media inquiries, screening potential guests, distributing press releases or answering requests and questions, they are always friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to our goal of high-level care and service. Their tireless commitment to positivity, open-mindedness and privacy play a vital role in creating and maintaining our reputation as a place of security, seclusion and healing.

John West

Co-Founder, Managing Director

With a career spanning over ten years, John West has earned a name for himself as an international alcohol and drug Interventionist, Sober Companion and Crisis Manager specializing in high-profile clients like celebrities, politicians, musicians, scientists, artists and executives.

John was born the son of actor J. T. Walsh and Susan West, a businesswoman and author who served as the president of biodynamically grown skincare company Dr. Hauschka. John was influenced by his parents’ creativity, fame and success and an appreciation of homeopathic healing. After college, John moved to Hollywood to pursue a producing career when his beloved father suddenly passed away. Overwhelmed and in great pain, John succumbed to the lure of drugs and alcohol that eventually almost killed him. After an intervention by his mother and dearest friend, he was given the gift of recovery. This experience led him to find his true calling as a Sober Companion and Interventionist in the film and recovery industry, where he can help those who feel unable to share their pain because of their public image.

John met and was treated by Judy Crane in 2004 and became addiction-free after many years of struggling to overcome it. This led to a longstanding friendship and business partnership. John brings a wealth of experience and contacts to our venture of helping others rebuild their lives.

Many years in the making, The Guest House is a dream come true for John. It’s a culmination of hard work and the desire to truly heal those suffering from the inside out in a safe, peaceful and luxurious setting. From the bottom of our hearts, welcome!

Audra West

Director of Business Development

Audra spent the past 20 years in entertainment, where she notably worked as a television presenter for Larry King’s online network, Ora TV. She specializes in business relations, media consulting and film and television production, and is excited to merge her entertainment specialties into a human services field. The world of treatment and healthcare allows her to apply her skills in a fulfilling and rewarding way, with the knowledge that every new connection or outreach effort provides help for another person struggling with addiction, trauma or other mental health concerns.

At The Guest House Ocala, she has also taken her expertise in media relations, health and fitness, along with her experience working with high-net worth and celebrity clientele, to help facilitate a world-class wellness program. Among other developments, she has coordinated with Dr. Marc Boff, the Director of Sports Medicine of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” as our Health and Wellness Consultant.

Audra is passionate about bringing the world of wellness and treatment to individuals who demand privacy and anonymity. She believes you will love the beautiful estate of The Guest House Ocala as much as she does.

Jessica Pardee

Director of Admissions

Jessica has been working in admissions for residential treatment since 2008. She is a native of South Florida and attended Florida International University for the completion of her associate’s degree in business. She excels in customer service and sales, but her particular strengths lie in her own experiences with recovery -- at The Guest House, her personal story lends hope, compassion and a deep understanding of trauma to her work. She is especially passionate about guiding young women to treatment.

She leads our admissions team with patience, care and positivity and makes our intake process smooth and as easy as possible for our clients and their families. She is an advocate for each of our clients, and indeed for everyone who calls us seeking help -- she never gives up on a caller and will help place individuals in other programs if ours are not appropriate for them. She is excited to be a part of The Guest House team because she believes strongly in health and wellness solutions and that healing from childhood trauma is always possible with the right care. Jessica is a shining example of the compassion and professionalism of our team and is always ready to welcome each guest into their personalized treatment program with us.

Lucky O’Donnell

Business Development Manager of National Accounts

After a decade in field of behavioral health Lucky O’Donnell comes to The Guest House with a variety of experience.
Lucky’s venture into this field started as a private case manager for entertainers, technology executives and diplomatic families with substance abuse issues.

In 2015 he joined Sunspire Health.  In his role as Director of Specialty Services, Lucky subsequently helped Sunspire Health to surpass expected revenue and admissions goals over 4 consecutive quarters.  In 2016 The Meadows of Wickenburg was acquired by Sunspire Health’s Private Equity ownership group Kohlberg & Company. Lucky was actively involved in the coordination with intake and marketing departments during the merger of Sunspire Health into what became known as Alitacare and now known as Meadows Behavioral Healthcare.
In 2017 Lucky was invited to join The Meadows Business Development Team with a focus on growing specific market segments such as intervention professionals, private case management companies and the entertainment industry. Lucky was named The Meadows’ National Accounts Manager in 2018. During this period Lucky grew his territory & market segments by over 300%. In addition he helped make The Meadows a leading facility for aviation professionals.

Lucky has been involved with public policy related to addiction since 2010; serving as a consultant to politicians on a state and national level. Lucky has been a contributor to NBC, Fox News, The New York Times and the Drudge Report on the topic of addiction.

Lucky has been following Judy Crane since the early days of his career and has long admired her approach to trauma and addiction treatment. After hearing Judy Crane present at a conference in Clearwater Beach, FL in February 2017 Lucky began investigating a link between trauma, addiction and nutrition which prompted a major shift in his perspective on the way the treatment industry approaches healing.

After several visits to The Guest House during a three year period and studying their treatment philosophy Lucky decided to join the team in late 2019 as he believes “The Guest House Ocala is practicing the most innovative approach to the remediation of trauma and chemical dependency of anyone in the Behavioral Healthcare field.”

Lucky lives in Palm Beach, FL with his two Shih Tzu puppies, enjoys art, studying the compatibility of eastern philosophy & western psychology.

Brad Baker

Regional Resource Director Atlanta

Brad is a former US Army Combat Medic who has a passion to help others. After leaving the military Brad created Safe Passage Adolescent Services (SAS) in Atlanta GA., a group dedicated to assisting families who were dealing with troubled teens.

In an effort to continue his work with troubled teens, Brad formed ASG Worldwide. Not only did his organization help troubled teens, but it also helped young and older adults, including Military Veterans. Since its inception, Brad and the team from ASG have been able to assist hundreds of families during times of crisis

In 2002 Brad formed ASG Worldwide, in an effort to assist not only struggling teens but also young adults, adults, and our Military Veterans. Since beginning ASG Brad and his team have been able to assist hundreds of families during what would be called "times of crisis".

Additionally, Brad has successfully operated a “high risk” intervention group based out of Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL for eighteen consecutive years. The last ten years have been focused on Family and Veteran interventions related to trauma. His extensive experience combined with strong leadership skills has enabled him to participate in speaking engagements on both the local and national levels, including magazine interviews, conferences, media outlets, and community awareness events.

For more than 18 years successfully ran a “high risk” intervention group based out of Atlanta GA/ Tampa, Florida. The last 10 years have been focused on family and veteran interventions dealing with trauma. His experience and leadership have led to him speaking on both the local and national levels, including community awareness events, magazine interviews, conferences, and media outlets.

"I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented and caring professionals, parents, and community leaders...together we ARE making a difference, I am truly living the dream!"

Brad resides in Atlanta with his wife Michelle and their dog Dakota. In his spare time, he works with Veterans groups, enjoys riding motorcycles, and going to the beach.