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Addiction and mental health recovery is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of someone who struggles with these concerns. In truth, recovery begins even before admission into a treatment program and extends far beyond the time spent in active residential or outpatient rehabilitation. The most effective recovery programs are those that focus on guiding their participants to discover long-lasting management techniques, ensuring physical and mental healing while teaching coping mechanisms and sustainable therapies. Rather than providing care with a clear beginning and end, programs like those we offer at The Guest House are available at multiple stages of the recovery process, from the moment that a person first acknowledges their need for help through to their discharge and transition into independent life. This thorough and consistent support is possible by providing multiple levels of care, including:

  • Medical Detox
  • Residential Program
  • Day/Night Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient

At The Guest House, each of these options is available to our guests at the appropriate stages of treatment and recovery. Our exceptional staff — from our American Society of Addiction Medicine-credentialed providers to our compassionate, experienced mental health counselors and therapists — helps every person individually to determine which of our services meets their unique needs at different times during their journey. Learn more about our levels of care below, or call our admissions team to start the process today.

Medical Detox

Detox makes sense for those who are entering our programs in the midst of an active struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. This very first stage of treatment ensures that the body can overcome its initial cravings and dependence on a substance and begin to heal from substance abuse. Medically-monitored detox is the safest, most effective and most comfortable way to help the body rid itself of toxic substances that linger in the brain and bloodstream. At The Guest House, we want to make your detox experience as simple and easy as possible so your recovery can begin on the right foot. The Detox program at The Guest House includes:

  • Full-time staff of trained and licensed medical professionals
  • Private rooms so you can rest and relax
  • On-site location to ease transition to residential treatment
  • Partnership with nearby medical centers for emergency or specialty care

Residential Program

Residential treatment is the most common form of recovery treatment, and for good reason. It is intensive, structured and effective, keeping clients focused on their healing for the duration of the program and limits exposure to temptations or triggers. It gives those who are embarking on their journey of recovery a strong foundation in addiction or mental health therapy, and ensures that they take time to regain their physical and psychological strength after dealing with addiction or an unmanaged mental health disorder. At The Guest House, our signature residential treatment program is focused on providing privacy, tranquility and holistic healing in a space that is safe and supportive. Key elements of our residential level of care include:

  • Comfort-focused amenities
  • Full-time staff
  • Access to a range of therapeutic modalities
  • Privacy and discretion
  • A 30-day minimum stay (90 days preferred)

Day/Night Program

Our Day/Night Program offers intensive treatment for those who are unable to commit to overnight stays at a residential facility. Participants at this level of care are expected to attend full-day treatment, scheduled much the same way as the days of residential guests, but are permitted to return home in the evenings and overnight. This option is ideal for those who want or need high levels of accountability and structure in their treatment, but perhaps have particular needs or responsibilities at home as well. It may also be appropriate for those who have recently completed a residential program and are hoping to transition slowly away from full-time care. It is best suited for those who have supportive, engaged and well-informed family members at home who understand recovery treatment and are willing to keep the home environment safe and substance-free. At The Guest House, our Day/Night Program includes:

  • Scheduled, structured full-day treatment, every weekday
  • 25-hour weekly requirement
  • Exposure to a range of therapeutic modalities
  • Access to our top-quality clinical and support staff
  • Flexibility to attend to home life or receive familial support

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program, often shortened to IOP, are one more step removed from full-time care than day/night programs. IOPs meet for a few hours in the afternoons or evenings, typically two or three days per week. They are designed for those who have daily responsibilities such as a job, school or family but who want to remain in a structured treatment program. This may be most appropriate for those who are transitioning out of residential treatment or a day/night program and want to continue taking small steps toward independence. IOPs continue to ensure that participants are held accountable for their recovery without preventing them from attending to life’s necessities, keeping a sense of structure and stability with increasing flexibility. At The Guest House, our IOP provides:

  • 9-12 hours of weekly treatment
  • Structured treatment that fits your schedule
  • Access to our top-quality counselors and staff
  • A range of treatment methods including individual and group therapies
  • A transitional step after full-time or full-day treatment
  • Specialized support for those in high-powered careers


Ongoing support in the form of an outpatient program is becoming an increasingly common offering among recovery centers. The need for a long-term community is well documented in addiction and mental health recovery. Regular therapy, support groups and 12-Step meetings are cornerstones of sustainable recovery and can make a big difference in avoiding relapse. It’s vital for those who are living in recovery to have a place where they can talk about their trials or triumphs, to commiserate and to stave off the feelings of isolation that addiction or mental health disorders can cause. When these supportive resources are offered by a community that has an intimate knowledge of an individual’s recovery experience, it adds another level of personalization and comfort. At The Guest House, our doors are always open and we provide a range of outpatient services geared toward those who are living independently and managing their concerns on their own. Some of these include: