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Trauma can manifest in different ways. Some people isolate themselves from friends and family, while others struggle with feelings of guilt, shame or anger. In many cases, those who have experienced traumatic events seek solace in the form of drugs and alcohol, self-medicating in an attempt to balance their moods and forget the past. While this may provide temporary relief, substance use and other self-defeating behaviors often complicate the situation and create new problems to overcome once addiction takes hold.

At The Guest House, we understand the wounding effects of trauma on an individual’s body, mind and spirit. We’ve seen firsthand how substance use and other self-defeating behaviors develop as a way to cope, creating a painful cycle that is difficult to escape. To restore hope and wellness to those struggling with trauma and co-occurring disorders, we’ve combined high-level expertise with proven treatment modalities and a holistic mentality. The result is a uniquely balanced treatment center that prioritizes comprehensive healing and deep, meaningful progress in recovery. You don’t have to carry the burden of trauma alone — at The Guest House, we provide the support and guidance you need to reclaim your happiness and discover the joys of a life grounded in hope and healing.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential care is a type of short or long-term treatment for mental health and substance use concerns in which individuals live on-site during their stay. Residential programs offer many advantages over other levels of care, including 24/7 supervision, convenient access to clinicians, peer support and more. This format allows clients to receive intensive treatment around the clock in a safe and supportive environment free from distractions.

While enrolled in residential treatment, clients undergo a variety of therapies and spend time getting to the root of their behaviors. They will learn new coping mechanisms and life skills, establish healthy relationships with like-minded peers, set treatment goals and develop strategies for reaching them, share their stories with others, and build greater confidence in their ability to achieve the life they envision. The goal of residential care is to help individuals heal with therapeutic and holistic treatments that promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being while giving them the tools they need to achieve sustainable recovery.

Is Residential Treatment Right for Me?

Residential treatment is often the best way to break the cycle of self-defeating behaviors and give clients the time they need to heal from the effects of trauma and mental health concerns. While it involves more of a commitment than other levels of care and may not be appropriate for everyone, residential treatment is often recommended for individuals who:

  • Need a more structured environment for recovery
  • Have complex trauma histories
  • Struggle with self-defeating behaviors
  • Have severe substance use or mental health concerns
  • Don’t have a supportive home environment
  • Haven’t responded well to other levels of care
  • Can commit to a 30-90 day program

Although outpatient treatment may seem more convenient, residential care offers the structure and guidance many people need to begin the healing process. It also provides a highly supportive and recovery-oriented environment. While living at home may seem ideal, separating oneself from harmful or negative influences can mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery. Residential care removes potential obstacles so that individuals can focus on their health and well-being without distraction or interruption.

Residential treatment can also offer solace from the stressors of daily life. Many clients come to us because they find it difficult to cope with everyday obligations and feel like they don’t have the support they need to be successful, healthy and productive. When substance use and mental health symptoms begin to overshadow everything else, The Guest House provides the space for individuals to step back into the light and rebuild their strength. With access to care 24/7, a comfort-focused facility and licensed therapists, we help each client acquire the skills they need to heal and build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Residential Treatment at The Guest House

Residential treatment at The Guest House provides clients with the opportunity to leverage their strengths and learn how to reclaim the happy, healthy lives they deserve. Our approach is centered on the principle that substance use, process addictions and self-defeating habits form as a coping mechanism in response to trauma and other stressors. We focus on discovering the root causes of these problematic behaviors, empowering individuals to identify the experiences that are holding them back so they can begin to move past them.

Some of the features of our residential treatment program include:

  • Full-time staff and 24/7 care
  • Comfort-focused amenities
  • On-site chef and housekeeping services
  • Shared and private rooms
  • Minimum 30-day stay (90 days preferred)

What Happens After Residential Treatment?

After residential treatment is completed, we highly recommend continuing care for clients as they prepare to return to their daily lives. Our inpatient program lasts for 90 days to ensure that clients have enough time to heal and learn the skills necessary for sustainable recovery, but transitional periods can be difficult without ongoing support, structure and guidance.

At The Guest House, we offer different levels of care for clients who are ready for more independence but would still benefit from ongoing therapy and clinical support.

Day/Night Program

The Guest House’s day/night program is a transitional step in the recovery process designed to provide ongoing clinical support, guidance and stability for individuals after they complete detox or graduate from residential care. These types of programs are also suitable for clients with a supportive home environment who don’t require 24/7 monitoring or those who prefer a structured alternative to residential treatment due to personal or professional obligations.

Our day/night program is similar to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and is designed to help individuals slowly transition away from full-time care and put their recovery skills into practice. When clients are at home with their families on nights and weekends, they’ll have the opportunity to use their new coping strategies in the real world to see what works best for them. Should any obstacles or setbacks occur, these can be addressed by our clinical team during daily therapy sessions.

Outpatient Aftercare

Outpatient aftercare is a common stepping stone for those who are leaving full-time care but still require the support of a recovery-oriented community. It provides less structure than more intensive programs and gives individuals more freedom to live independently while attending ongoing therapy sessions, support groups and 12-step meetings. Outpatient aftercare also focuses on reducing isolation and implementing coping strategies to prevent relapse.

Alumni Program

Mental health concerns, addiction and trauma thrive on isolation. While the support of your friends and family is key to your success, sometimes it helps to spend time with others who understand exactly what you’re going through. Our alumni program helps you stay connected with your recovery community and build healthy relationships with your peers. It also allows you to give back and inspire others through volunteer and service opportunities.

Our Location

Clients at The Guest House receive treatment at our facility in Silver Springs, Florida, just outside of Ocala. Located on a sprawling and scenic 52-acre estate, our property is surrounded by the natural beauty of the area and secluded on wooded grounds. This provides our guests with an environment that boasts unparalleled privacy and tranquility.

Many of our programs utilize the outdoor space, from equine and adventure therapy to meditation and yoga. Combined with the balmy Florida weather, guests have plenty of opportunities to explore our grounds and enjoy the fresh air. To ensure the comfort of each individual, we also provide a variety of services, including chef-prepared meals, transportation, housekeeping and more. The atmosphere we’ve cultivated is restorative and calming, with an emphasis on comfort, safety and privacy — ideal for healing the wounds of trauma and rediscovering the serenity of a substance-free life.

Meet Our Experienced, Compassionate Team

At The Guest House, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled expertise and compassion of our team. Our staff is not just the backbone of our program — they are the heart and soul, bringing with them a wealth of experience, advanced licensing and specialized trauma certification to each interaction with our clients. Their diverse backgrounds and comprehensive training in a variety of therapeutic modalities ensure that every guest receives the highest standard of care tailored to their unique journey toward healing.