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Trauma and traumatic experiences can take innumerable forms, as can their effects, which in many cases makes it difficult for individuals to identify their trauma without professional help. At treatment centers like The Guest House, it’s not uncommon for our clients to come to us struggling with certain behavior patterns that they can’t explain. All too often, the unknown source is deep-seated trauma — perhaps trauma that an individual experienced before they were old enough to fully understand. Developmental trauma — and related attachment trauma — are commonly at the root of concerns that don’t seem to have obvious triggers.

What are Developmental and Attachment Trauma?

These types of trauma often go hand in hand because they both stem from early life experiences; attachment trauma can typically be classified as a subcategory of developmental trauma. Uncovering these traumas can take time and can be an emotionally difficult process. Many people compartmentalize childhood trauma, sometimes to the extent that they need specialized therapeutic techniques to help them fully recall their experiences. But the release and relief of finally being able to find the source of your difficulties and put it into words will be well worth the journey.

Treating Developmental and Attachment Trauma at The Guest House

The Guest House is founded on the principle that every self-defeating behavior — compulsions, addictions, unhealthy habits and otherwise — stem from or are worsened by underlying causes like strife, stress or trauma. Our team specializes in helping our guests uncover deep-seated trauma like attachment and developmental trauma, and in guiding them as they learn to process their past and form new, healthy habits and functional relationships. We offer a range of therapeutic modalities that are designed to help you or your loved one heal physically, mentally and spiritually from their issues, in a safe, secluded and comforting environment.