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Angela Smith, MA, LMHC, CTT, CPS, CH, has been working in the trauma field for over 15 years and in the therapeutic field for over 20 years. Her previous experience includes work with domestic violence and rape victims, as well as some time at a court-ordered treatment facility that implemented a trauma program along with addiction therapy. Angela also trained under our founder, Judy Crane, for over eight years.

Angela specializes in trauma, addictions and eating disorders. She has also received and completed countless hours of training in the treatment of eating disorders and has developed in-house eating disorder programs for residential treatment centers. She has studied and implemented the much-needed trauma connection to eating disorder clients’ therapeutic program processes. This focused approach helps clients understand and address the core issues underlying their disorder and connect them to their disordered behaviors and symptoms.

Angela has completed a level one somatic experience training to aid in understanding how trauma affects the body and how to heal the body on a deeper somatic level. She has experience in multiple therapeutic modalities such as experiential, psychodrama, CBT, DBT, hypnosis, guided imagery, SE and many many more. She is herself a recovering addict and trauma survivor who believes that the whole body needs to be encompassed in the therapeutic process — mind, body, and spirit. She also firmly upholds that each person needs an individualized approach in their therapy process to increase their chances for success.