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The Guest House Ocala and The Guest House Ocala Outpatient Recovery have made it a top priority to keep our guests and employees safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19). We believe it is important to communicate directly with you, to share the steps we are taking, and help keep those we serve and our employees safe and healthy.

  • Our Infection Prevention Team is monitoring up to date information about COVID-19 from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the WHO (World Health Organization), the State of Florida and the Marion County Health Department.
  • We are working closely with our state and local health officials to ensure that we are in full compliance with their directives through daily conversations and providing data about testing, screening, and results.
  • Our intake department is ensuring that we are receiving information on incoming clients that includes full screening about travel and method of travel within the last days. This includes the United States and all other countries. Exposure to anyone with symptoms, as well as their own symptoms.
  • Our entire staff is tested every week using a PCR Nasal swab and daily temperature taking.
  • Personnel Protective Equipment is provided for all staff and masks are required at all times at all facilities.
  • We will make safe transportation arrangements to avoid the exposure to airports and large crowds.
  • Our Nursing and Medical Department has a testing protocol upon admission, including Viral PCR and Antigen testing multiple times on clients while awaiting release into the community to ensure the virus is not present or shedding.
  • In the event of isolation and quarantine, we have a separate team who will be working with these clients to ensure their safety, provide the same level of excellence that will not allow them to feel so isolated including socially distant experiential activities.
  • We have adjusted our programming to maintain a contained environment adding activities and special groups that are also in compliance with the healthcare guidelines during this period.
  • Visitation is prohibited at this time and any vendors or outside workforce are required to be screened upon entry, wear masks, and are not permitted to be around any of the “guests”.
  • Our Case Management Department provides robust discharge planning including COVID-19 Toolkits, Access to Resources in the area of discharge, and a listing of Zoom Recovery 12 Step Meetings, including our own as well as “Stay at Home Activities”
  • We provide full alumni support 24 hours a day and access to zoom 12 step meetings or telehealth sessions.
  • Our clinical team provides full communication with families and referral sources, as appropriate and in compliance with the Releases of Information.
  • Our Environment of Care team continues to maintain a safe and sanitary environment including cleaning and disinfecting the facility three times a day using environmentally safe CDC approved cleaning agents and providing supplies that will support the prevention, i.e.: personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer throughout the facility including continually stepping up the existing hand-washing initiatives. Additionally, the facilities are sanitized using an electrostatic anti-viral solution.
  • Our Outpatient Clients have access to Telehealth sessions and Groups or in-person groups limited in size to allow for distancing and the use of PPE. Testing and monitoring is completed at the Outpatient location with weekly PCR swabs and daily temperature taking.
  • We are ensuring that our employees have the tools and information that they need to stay healthy and well during this challenging time and “All Hands are On Deck” at all times. This team is dedicated to the safety and wellness of all including our clients, their families, our business partners, our referral sources, each other and our community as a whole.

We are fully committed to doing our part to help keep our facility, our community, and each other safe and in this time of uncertainty, we continue as a team to gain strength from each other.

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Full Overview

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NAATP Handwashing & Hygiene Guidelines

(Updated December 15th, 2020)