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Trauma and Belief Systems

Trauma has a powerful impact on our brain functions. The chemicals our brains release during traumatic events get us ready to fight a threat or run from it. This is known as our “flight-or-fight” response and this response can help get us out of danger. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we have little control over. We may have witnessed a disturbing event, felt threatened, been assaulted, grown up in an unhealthy environment, or experienced a dangerous situation. The flight-or-fight response then remains stagnant and we experience the traumatic event without the means of escape. When we experience this response and are not mobilized into action, our belief systems may be affected.

We might start to feel unsafe in any environment similar to our traumatic experience. We may begin to hate ourselves or blame ourselves for the event or for our inaction during the event. We may feel threatened by the touch of others or no longer feel excited about our passions. We may not allow ourselves to feel pleasure anymore due to our self-blame. Our belief systems, though, are not written in stone and our traumatic experiences do not define our future. We can work through our trauma and move through our pain to find peace and happiness on the other side. We can change our beliefs about ourselves and regain our sense of safety in the world. Trauma has made an impact due to chemicals in our bodies and brains. Through trauma work, we can begin to free ourselves from this impact.

Trauma can affect our belief system and affect the way that we look at ourselves. We may feel unsafe or even feel that we cannot trust ourselves. We may blame ourselves for the past and deny ourselves from feeling any sense of happiness. Sometimes, those suffering from trauma may feel guilty about being happy, which can stunt them in their growth. You may have experienced trauma in your life that has impacted your core belief system. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past. The good news, though, is that our belief systems can be changed through trauma work. The Guest House can help your work through your trauma as you change your core beliefs to recover. You may need to get into a safe and supportive environment to get through some of your trauma therapy. Call us today to talk about our concierge-style treatment for trauma, addiction, and other disorders at (855) 483-7800.