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routine during recoverySome people naturally fall into routines. They get ready at a particular time, do certain things, and go through their day in a specific manner without much thought or preparation. For other people, a routine is not natural. It is not something that simply happens. For some of us, we have to determine our routines consciously. We have to make a choice about how we are going to do specific tasks and when.

Establishing and maintaining a routine has many benefits. As we continue with our sobriety and work through our recovery, a routine can be very beneficial to help us to stay on track, be productive, and reach our goals. Here are a few simple benefits of having a routine while maintaining our sobriety.

Start Your Day off Right

Having a routine in place can help in the morning, especially if you are not a morning person. When you had an active addiction, those days probably looked a lot different from what your days look like now. It can be hard to change old ways and old patterns. Having a set morning routine will help you start in the right way without much thought or effort. Setting yourself up for success is a crucial component of maintaining your mental health and sobriety.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is something to consider as you set your routines. If you know you struggle with something specific in the morning, make sure to put that in your routine to help you accomplish it. Find ways to reward yourself for those challenging tasks throughout the day to keep you moving.

A morning routine might be making breakfast, taking a hot shower, and getting ready for the day. Others may want to take a jog outside or head to the local gym to start their morning. Do whatever feels right to get you moving and ready for the day.

Enjoy Time with Loved Ones

Life is crazy and hectic most days. Sometimes we barely have time for ourselves, let alone others. However, making a point of spending quality time with our loved ones is essential and beneficial. By creating a routine, you can specifically carve out time to spend with the people important to you. Coordinating schedules can be a challenge; however, keeping a routine when possible may make life easier for everyone.

Maybe your routine will look like Sunday dinner together or watching that show you and your friends all love each week. Some of us will plan weekly walks or hikes with those close to us. Whatever you choose to do, keeping a routine will help you remain close to the people important to you.

Sleep Better

Having an evening and nightly routine will most likely help you sleep better. As your body adapts to the new routine, you will begin to know when to relax and sleep automatically. Your body needs rest, so it is essential to learn what works best for you. Your nightly routine will be different than your best friend’s nightly routine. Take suggestions from those around you, but ultimately, try to learn what works best for you and your body.

An evening routine may include making dinner and then relaxing while watching some television. Others may choose to turn off electronics and read a good book. Another great option might be meditation or yoga. As you practice these things on a regular and consistent basis, your body will adapt and learn when to relax. Whatever you plan to do should help you calm your mind and body for a relaxed and restful sleep. A good evening routine will help you have a successful morning.

Make More Time for Activities You Enjoy

When you plan out your day, you will probably find that you have more time than usual. You are not pausing to contemplate what to do next or if you should start a new project. You will not need to decide when to wake up or when to eat lunch. Your routine is set, which helps you to see your free time. As we journey through recovery, it is important to find time to do activities we enjoy and to have fun. Exploring new hobbies becomes much easier when we realize that we have time to do and enjoy them.

Maybe you have wanted to get away for a weekend, head into the wilderness, and be one with nature. Perhaps there are a few running trails you have wanted to explore. Having time for the different things you have wanted to do can significantly benefit your mental health and recovery.

As we journey through recovery, we continuously learn more about ourselves. We learn what our triggers are, what we struggle with, and where we excel. Setting yourself up for success is a great way to live. Setting routines will help you work through times that are typically challenging for you. Routines may help you have time to do more activities you enjoy or connect with loved ones. Regardless of where you are in your recovery, you may sometimes need help to navigate challenges and situations. Sometimes it is helpful to have assistance deciding and determining daily activities, such as the best routine for you. At The Guest House, we are here to help set you up for success and face all of the challenges ahead of you. Call us today to learn more about how we can help at (855) 483-7800.