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Morning Yoga

Everyone has those days where the first thought after waking up in the morning is how you would simply like to go back to sleep. Everyone faces days where they struggle in the morning, and let’s face it, it affects the whole rest of the day. For those suffering from mental health issues or addiction, these days can outnumber the good. It can be stressful seeking treatment or professional help. That stress can eat away at you, creating whole days encompassed with negative thoughts. 

Rather than getting trapped in a cycle of negativity, learning to acknowledge your feelings, and then to create positivity, can make all of the difference. This takes time, effort, and possibly help from a professional. Starting the day off strong can help you to battle through struggles and prepare for what is ahead. Here are two helpful steps for waking up on the right side of the bed.

Create a Routine

Keep your weekend routine similar to your weekday routine. Do not sleep your whole Saturday away, and then stay up all night long. Keeping a routine will help your body to stay on schedule. Body and mind can be very interconnected. Maintain your routine even if you are staying home all day. Take the time to eat breakfast, shower, and get ready. Do what makes you feel good. Feeling good and confident can easily help to start your day off well. One good thought will have a ripple effect, helping to create whole days filled with positivity. 

Take a Deep Breath and Be Realistic

Before acknowledging your feelings in the morning, take a moment. A deep breath is great to calm the mind and be more centered. This may also help you to not instantly become consumed with your thoughts. Giving yourself those moments may help you to get on the right track and focus on happy thoughts. But be realistic. It is fully normal to not be happy all day every day. Taking the time to acknowledge your feelings will help you to better understand how to start your day off well. 

Starting your day off with happiness is an important component of living a healthy life. It can be challenging to not be instantly consumed in negative thoughts, especially for those suffering from addiction or mental health issues. It is important to remember that everyone has bad days, rough mornings, and negative thoughts. However, if those negative thoughts start to affect your day or your outlook, you may want to work on that. Starting the day off on a happy thought can change your whole day and your whole outlook. Like all challenges in life, there may come a time when working with a professional can be helpful. Our professionals at Guest House can help you look within and determine why you may be struggling with happy thoughts in the morning, or where the negativity may be stemming from. The Guest House is here to help you as you begin your journey to happiness. For more information, please call (855) 483-7800.