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Coping MechanismsCaring for your mental health and well-being is important for everyone. You may neglect your mental health and find yourself stressed out when you do not actively work toward improving it. By being proactive and engaging in mental wellness activities, you can avoid the pitfall of spiraling downward in your mental health. Here are four ways to improve your mental health and well-being:

  • Daily Journaling
      • Write about your daily thoughts and feelings in a journal
      • You can list things that you are grateful for or write about positive things that happened during the day
      • Journaling can help you get in touch with yourself and help you understand your feelings better
  • Read More
      • Reading can help you shift your focus away from distressing thoughts and feelings
      • You can learn more about wellness and health by reading about mental health topics
      • You may want to read more just for the fun of it or to entertain yourself without resorting to social media or television
  • Focus on Self-Care
      • Self-care activities are anything that you do for yourself
      • Self-care can include things like:
        • Exercising 
        • Cleaning your personal space
        • Taking a bath
        • Meditating
        • Cooking a healthy meal
  • Let Go of Expectations
      • You may have high expectations that are keeping you from feeling content
      • If you find yourself comparing yourself to others too much, you may want to limit your time on social media
      • Comparing yourself to others can alter your expectations; remember that people only post what they want you to see on social media!

Taking care of your mental health can mean being proactive. Many of us take our mental health for granted and do not often think about it until we experience mental health issues. You can help yourself get out ahead of feeling anxious or depressed by journaling, reading, focusing on self-care, and letting go of expectation. When you take time to specifically and intentionally improve your mental health, you can prevent problems from spiraling or getting worse. If you continue to struggle with your mental health or need additional support for anxiety or depression, help is here for you. The Guest House is here to help those struggling with anxiety and depression due to underlying trauma in their lives. Our staff can help you learn new ways to cope with daily stressors to lead a happy and healthy life. We offer concierge-style service to help you find treatment to fit your needs. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to get started.