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The road to recovery isn’t always a smooth and easy one. Sometimes even when we’ve already achieved sobriety, we can find ourselves slipping on our commitment to our recovery. We might become careless with our sobriety, taking chances, and using our drug of choice again, even though we know how disastrous the consequences can be. What causes us to become careless with our sobriety?

Mistruths We Come to Believe

Sometimes we assume that because we got sober once, it will be easy to get sober again. We might tell ourselves that we’ve already done the hard work, that getting sober the first time is the hardest part of the process. We might tell ourselves that because it will be easy to quit again, we can let ourselves do whatever we want and use as much as want until we’re ready to quit. We might have convinced ourselves that we’re not true addicts if we managed to get sober before, so we can allow ourselves to use since addiction isn’t an actual problem for us. We might trick ourselves into thinking we can learn to use in moderation, even if we’ve never been able to use our drug of choice in moderation before.

Responses to Stress and Pressure

We come to discover that getting sober, and then staying sober over time, requires diligence and commitment. We can’t be complacent, lazy, or nonchalant about our recovery. We have to take our sobriety seriously if we want it to last. Becoming careless with our sobriety is sometimes our response to how overwhelmed and stressed out we feel in recovery. We can become careless because we’re tired and feel as though we need a break. We can feel burned out by all the work we have to do to stay sober. Sobriety can feel so demanding that we intentionally or subconsciously sabotage our recovery by deciding to stop trying. We might feel as though we’ve taken on more than we can handle, and we make the choice to relax on our strict sobriety rules and expectations because we’re rejecting and rebelling against the challenges of recovery. We might be careless with our sobriety because we’re receiving pressure from the other addicts in our lives, loved ones, and peers who aren’t yet committed to their recovery, who want us to stay entrenched in our addictive patterns, the same way they are with theirs.

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