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One of our biggest challenges in recovery can be trying to conform to the recovery programs we think we should be following, rather than creating the right recovery program for ourselves that works best for us. When we’re doing the hard work of recovery, it’s helpful to receive support and guidance along the way. Sometimes, though, we’ve convinced ourselves that the professionals we’ve enlisted to support us always know best, that they know us better than we know ourselves, and that our feelings and perspectives on recovery aren’t as valid as theirs. We then sometimes choose to ignore our intuition and stop following our instincts, which can cause us to follow a recovery program that isn’t the best possible one for us. We rush ourselves to speed through what we think our recovery program should be, anxious to achieve sobriety and see results, rather than mindfully creating a recovery program for ourselves that will lead to lasting success.

Individualized Treatment and Self-Exploration

Finding the right recovery program for us involves intuitively and mindfully checking in with ourselves and exploring what our needs and expectations are. If we don’t listen to ourselves, we run the risk of neglecting our needs and not giving ourselves the right tools to succeed. Many recovery centers work with us to create personalized treatment programs. They help us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and to figure out what it will take for us to have a lasting recovery. They help us get clear on what we want to gain from our sobriety. We gain more clarity around our inner selves, our emotional challenges, and our addictions. We form a closer relationship with ourselves. This is an important part of the healing process. When we don’t take the time to do this self-examination work, we often feel rushed to complete a recovery program that we haven’t fully researched, one that we don’t feel connected to, or one that we may not even feel is in true alignment with us and our needs.

Treatment That is Aligned With Us

We might, for example, come to find that certain recovery programs don’t align with our values and our perspectives on recovery. They might espouse certain beliefs that we don’t ourselves believe. They might not offer the kinds of therapy that are most beneficial for us. We’re then working in a program that isn’t the best fit for us. Following our instincts, checking in with ourselves regularly, and being mindful about what our needs are can help us to find the right kinds of support for us and to create the recovery program that will best help us to achieve lasting sobriety and success in our recovery. 

At The Guest House Ocala, we operate on the principle that each of our clients will benefit most from a highly personalized treatment plan.

We have helped countless people recover, and we’re here to help you too.

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