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Anxiety is the most commonly occurring mental illness among adults in the United States. If you’re an adult, chances are you know someone who is living with anxiety on a daily basis. Learning about anxiety is important as an adult in an age where anxiety and stress levels are high. Stress and anxiety are not one in the same, though anxiety is a manifestation of stress and stress is certainly part of anxiety. Before you diagnose yourself as anxious, take the opportunity to look at what you know about anxiety and what you need to learn. Ultimately, if you feel that your level of stress or anxiety necessitates professional treatment, reach out for help.

What do you know?

You likely have some amount of knowledge about anxiety, whether that knowledge is accurate or not. Mental health is a popular topic of conversation right now, regularly trending online. There is a large amount of information available to you about anxiety. Take an honest inventory of your knowledge regarding anxiety. Consider:

What you knowWhat you think you knowWhat you know you don’t knowWhat you think you don’t know

You’ll quickly find out what areas of anxiety or mental illness in general you need to understand more. Where you feel you are lacking in information about anxiety, you can research and learn.

What do you think?

Anxiety is used the wrong way in mainstream media. What is portrayed as anxiety and described as anxiety is actually stress. Just like the inventory you did regarding your knowledge about anxiety, take a look at your thoughts. Do you have judgments or preconceptions about anxiety, mental illness, or people who have anxiety? What do you think anxiety is supposed to look like? How do you think anxiety is supposed to feel?

What do you need?

Anxiety is a mental illness which can come with debilitating thought processes when untreated. People who live with anxiety live with physical and psychological stress, constantly. If you feel that your anxiety is getting in the way of your ability to live your life, it is time to do something to get help. Anxiety often has roots in trauma. Both trauma and anxiety operate within the nervous system, specifically the sympathetic nervous system which sends signals of stress throughout the body. By healing unresolved trauma, you heal unresolved stress and anxiety.

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