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How Does a Peaceful Environment Affect Recovery as an Alumnus?

The first sound you hear is that annoying alarm going off in your ear. You feel busy and did not even wake up yet. Maybe you are the person who shuts the alarm off multiple times before waking up. Life can be chaotic, and everything around you seems to be moving faster than you are. This type of environment is difficult to maintain in recovery. Having a peaceful environment will do wonders for your mental health and recovery.

Most people forget to create a peaceful recovery environment. After all, the things around you can determine how you feel about yourself. This article will explore how your environment affects your daily life, moods, and recovery. Plus, it gives helpful ways to change your recovery environment without moving to a different location.

What Is a Peaceful Environment?

There is no shortage of information on trying to find your inner peace. An immediate place that you can start is by creating a peaceful environment within your home. Sometimes, all it takes is just one small adjustment. A quiet environment is where you feel the most peace and calm. It is a calming space that allows you to feel calm, safe, and free to be you.

Positive Effects of a Peaceful Environment

According to an article in Psychology Today, clutter can have lasting impacts on the psychology of the brain. Stress and anxiety have become all too familiar to most people. The mind is constantly being bombarded with information and things that you need to get done. Most times, this leaves a person feeling overwhelmed and, sometimes, defeated. However, by creating a calm and peaceful environment, stress and anxiety can be reduced significantly.

Creating a peaceful environment may seem like a chore. However, there are several positive effects of de-cluttering and creating a space for you to enjoy:

  • Better concentration: Does your room have old papers or a messy desk? Is it difficult for you to concentrate or focus? Having excess things around you can decrease your concentration and hurt productivity. Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that people’s task performance increased in an organized versus disorganized environment. The study showed that the physical clutter in your environment competes for your attention, causing decreased productivity and increased stress.
  • Mood will improve: Creating a peaceful environment will increase your mood to feel calm, relaxed, and productive. De-cluttering can improve your overall quality of life.
  • Let go of the past: Removing things in your home that you do not use or do not need will help you let go of your past. Humans tend to associate objects with memories and hold on to them, even after they lose their value. Hanging onto objects tends to carry emotional weight; therefore, it is harder to let go of the memories associated. Get rid of anything that drags you down or carries a negative emotional response.
  • Your focus is turned to accomplishing a goal: When letting items pile up, it can be a reminder of the things that you have not achieved. For example, if you have weights in the corner. This could remind you that you never started to use them. In reality, those weights sitting there bring you down because of the goal you did not accomplish. Keep the things that inspire you in your eyesight. Remove the things that hold you back from completing your goals.

The saying, “less is more,” is important in recovery. As you continue to move through a space of recovery, living a simple life will go a long way to creating a peaceful environment. What are you waiting for? Start de-cluttering today!

How Can I Make My Environment Peaceful Without Moving?

Something glorious happens when cleaning up and creating a peaceful recovery environment. Internally, it is a feeling of accomplishment. Not only do you have more focus, you start seeing the direction that you want to go in recovery as an alumni. It is easy to get caught up in the stressors of daily life and lose focus on what you want to accomplish. Below are several ways to create a peaceful recovery environment where you are.

  • Remove all electronics: Blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle. Additionally, having electronics in your bedroom can distract, making it harder to unwind before bed.
  • Bring nature inside: Plants have an array of benefits for well-being. They boost mood, purify the air, and reduce stress. Consider adding some plants to your peaceful environment.
  • Open the curtains: Let the natural light in.
  • Aromatherapy: Try adding a soothing smell to calm your nerves. For example, lavender is a wonderful smell for a peaceful environment.
  • Music: Listening to calming music can provide a sense of relaxation and create a peaceful environment.

How Can The Guest House Help Me Create a Peaceful Recovery Environment?

A peaceful recovery environment starts with you and making change. At The Guest House, we understand how your environment plays a role in how you feel. Research suggests time and time again that the living environment can have an impact on well-being. The Guest House provides a simple but phenomenal connection to nature and a peaceful recovery environment.

We understand that not everyone arrives at the same space in recovery. This is why we will meet you right where you are. Our mission is to provide you with the treatment that you deserve with unconditional positive regard. We will never force you but will be here when you are ready.

Recovery is a special and rewarding place to be. Every day brings a new beginning and opportunities. Creating a peaceful recovery environment can make all the difference in recovery. It can be overwhelming to be in the midst of clutter and confusion. Eliminating the things that you no longer need or use can decrease anxiety and stress. You can do all this by several simple steps. At The Guest House, we understand that all areas can be related to recovery. This is why we strive to meet you where you are at. There are not two of the same people; therefore, recovery will be different for everyone. Give us a call today at (855) 483-7800.