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helping othersThe cornerstone of being in recovery is to be of service to others. As you come into a recovery meeting, you may look around and see that everyone seems to be getting along. People are putting out chairs for one another. Someone is brewing coffee for the meeting. The secretary is handing out materials for people to read during the meeting. Your mind is blown that meetings are so diplomatically organized while being run by people who were once considered “drunks” and “druggies”. 


You watch in amazement as members continue to welcome each other, including you, with a happiness that seems utterly authentic. What you are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg in recovery. The reach of service expands much further than what you can see at a meeting. Sponsorship, 12-Step calls, service committees, and transportation to meetings are just a few more ways that people can help each other in recovery. As you see, there is a considerable need for service, which you can be a part of starting right now if you choose. 



Everyone needs to feel accepted, and putting your hand out to someone else makes them feel like they belong. Coming together over a common peril keeps everyone united to combat the insidiousness of addiction. Coming together in recovery builds a strong bond that will make you want to help someone else out in need. 



Since everyone is after the same thing, the tools and the 12-Steps only work if everyone helps each other. The point is to gain the upper hand by learning why addiction happens and how to resist it going forward. Knowledge is power, and when everyone bands together, more shall be revealed for a better shot at staying sober. 



Unity and recovery are enhanced with service work. These three aspects of recovery also represent how to achieve wholeness in the fellowship that binds everyone together. Each person has a responsibility to help one another out in times of need. 


You may believe that you have nothing to offer anyone, but the truth is that you do. It may take you some time to get comfortable being of service. However, even a smile to a newcomer will reassure them that they are in the right place at the right time. Just like in your recovery, take baby steps to get your bearings in service work. You have to give your recovery away to keep it because service is the name of the game in sobriety. 


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