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How Does Embracing Our Stories Benefit Others?

As we work to recover, we realize that no matter how far we might have fallen throughout our struggles with addiction, no matter how ashamed of ourselves we might have been, there is incredible power in having lived and survived our experiences. There is always something positive to be culled from the painful things we’ve gone through – lessons, newfound wisdom, revelations, growth, expansion, transformation. When we’re able to find the beauty in our stories, we learn to love ourselves. We have acceptance for our pain rather than resistance to it. We stop trying to avoid and deny it. We stop trying to run from it, escape it or numb ourselves to it. We allow our experiences, even the most painful ones, to strengthen and empower us. These stories are how we can serve others. We have an opportunity to be part of other people’s recovery when we allow ourselves to embrace our stories and share them with others.

We fear being vulnerable, and we feel our safety is threatened when we put ourselves out there. We fear being judged, shunned, rejected, criticized and looked down upon. We’re afraid people won’t like and accept us. We’re afraid we won’t receive the validation and affirmation we’re looking for, that we feel we need. When we move through the fear of sharing ourselves with other people, and when we summon the courage to share our experiences with them, we’re affirming to ourselves that not only are we strong enough to conquer our fears, we have something valuable to offer. We have gifts to give. We have strengths to share. Helping someone else in their recovery is a powerful gift. We can uplift them when they’re feeling discouraged and lift their spirits when they feel disheartened. We can encourage them and be another source of motivation for them. We can be another person they feel accountable to and responsible to, helping them stay committed to their recovery goals. We can speak life into their dreams when they want to give up on themselves, when they’re feeling their hope waning.

We have a tendency to isolate ourselves, and to reject the support of even the most well-meaning people. When we’re in a place of confusion and turmoil, we often want to be left alone. Hearing someone’s anecdotal story, however, and hearing how someone overcame a similar obstacle or worked through a similar challenge, can give us the inspiration and encouragement we need to keep going with our sobriety. Our stories can impact other people in their recovery in positive and beneficial ways, in ways that make us feel even more fulfilled as we’re working towards our own recovery.

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