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Life can be harsh at times, and one of the most detrimental feelings that one can experience is rejection. There is a broad range of ways for how people come to feel rejected. There are some large scale developmental examples, such as being adopted as a child or feeling as though a sibling received more attention than the other sibling. Someone can also feel rejected in an abusive relationship. Others may feel rejected when they do not get the job they were qualified for or when a person cannot find friends after moving to a new area. Whatever the rejection stems from, big or small, can trigger an individual’s post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Once the memory of the trauma resurfaces, the rejection can impact a person’s self-esteem and provoke havoc. 

You Feel Neglected

Rejection triggers neglect in many people. Not having your emotional needs met can make you feel unloved, unwanted, and lower your self-esteem. Feeling neglected means that you are not getting the attentiveness and responsiveness you need to make you feel like you matter. 

You Get Embarrassed Easily

There are many reasons why embarrassment stems from rejection. You may feel ashamed that you have not received more approval from those who have meant the most to you. Embarrassment can occur when you feel criticized at work, or you are broken up with one more time. Rejection can turn into questioning what is wrong with you when it could have everything to do with the other person. 

You Have a Fear of Being Left Behind

The anxiety that you get when you are afraid you will be left behind can be brutal. Your rejection tricks you into thinking that no one wants you around or that they would be off without you. You may find that you are isolating yourself so that you do not have to deal with the pain of rejection anymore, which can create more negativity from not feeling good enough.

If this sounds like something that is happening to you, there is a way out of feeling rejected. Compassion goes a long way, which is something that you should surround yourself with through a therapist, a pastor, a sponsor, or a loving friend. You may not even realize how much rejection or fear of rejection is holding you back from living life until you start to open up about it with another trusted person. All forms of rejection can wound you, so do not discount what is happening to you. You are worthy of feeling confident, which will allow you to connect easier with others and gain the support that you have always desired. 


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