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How PTSD Could Affect Your RelationshipsSomeone who has experienced trauma can be susceptible to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the flight or fight response to their fears. With PTSD, relationships might be unintentionally altered because the trauma will undoubtedly change them emotionally. A once-happy person can turn into an angry, depressed, impulsive, or detached trauma survivor, which can take a toll on their relationships. Here are some of the areas that could be affected to help to discern how you can support your loved one with PTSD.

Effective Understanding

Someone with PTSD might push you away as a defense mechanism or so as not to hurt you. PTSD can heighten a person’s emotions and can be problematic in a relationship without a full understanding of what their stress entails. Their triggers can happen anywhere and be provoked to cause them to panic. While you may want to go somewhere, they may wish to avoid big crowds and loud noises so that they can avoid having to relive any flashbacks.

Effective Knowledge

Your loved one with PTSD may be suffering from loneliness, self-isolation, or emotional burdens that you may not be able to comprehend. You may, in return, harbor resentment and feel the same way in the relationship. To offset this negativity, you may need to get help for yourself to avoid enabling and codependent behaviors. Keep in mind that are a variety of symptoms that can make someone with PTSD act out for what seem like little reasons. Their sleeping patterns may be interrupted. They may lose interest in usual activities due to the fear of being triggered. They could also turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their feelings.

Effective Treatment

Find a healthcare professional or a therapist to help guide you and your loved one through the highs and lows of PTSD. Therapy is a huge component of working through PTSD because an individual can deal with the trauma of what they are encountering with talk therapy, art therapy, or animal therapy. These therapy modalities can be instrumental in relieving anxiety or depression to make a breakthrough with their PTSD.

Standing by the side of your loved one will reassure them that you will support them through their PTSD. By using these practical components to a healthy relationship as a guide for yours, you are displaying compassion and love for a person who needs extra care right now. Times may be tough, but if you were to walk beside them through their stress and trauma, you are giving them the encouragement to keep them going.

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