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Getting motivation is hard for some people because it is difficult to get moving and do much in recovery without it. Taking action means getting out there and being proactive most of the time. Sometimes the mind gets in the way of motivation where it says there is no need to think about anything, just procrastinate. Other times there are biological barriers to being successfully motivated to achieve those next steps towards a goal, much less getting out of bed. With a multitude of reasons for why motivation may be lagging, there are also many ways to get it back on track again.

Stop Trying

This may seem antithetical to the idea of moving forward, but giving up can be a healthy activity in recovery. Giving up means:

  • Letting go of frustration and resentment
  • Give up the need for control
  • Stop trying to feel good when maybe things are hard
  • Give up motivation and drive for your goals

Be Uncomfortable

Action means you get in touch with lots of feelings and emotions. While you may struggle with your own feelings of discomfort, you may struggle to take action. Don’t make feeling bad the enemy; become okay with being uncomfortable. Stop the self-defeating barriers that cause you harm and learn how to breathe into them. Make room for discomfort and allow yourself to feel bored or depressed. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable sooner rather than later so you can take action.

Get Committed

It is hard to commit to something when you feel like you have no motivation. The longer you tell yourself you’re not motivated, the more you will feel that way and lose motivation to succeed. Now is the time to set a commitment. How to start:

  • Set an easy goal or task
  • Start small
  • Ask for accountability from a loved one or friend
  • Be specific on time and steps

Ask for Help

Sometimes a lack of motivation is not just a spot you land in when you are struggling through a hard time in recovery. It may mean you are dealing with something heavier, like mental health issues including depression or anxiety. Maybe triggers or cravings have you worried about moving forward or something else is blocking your success. Whatever it is, it is best to reach out and ask for help from accountability partners, sobriety pals, sober companions, therapists, and others who can help assess what may be going on and provide additional assistance. No matter what it is, your motivation will keep you moving forward and keep recovery at the forefront as long as you decide to make it a priority. 

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