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The effects of anxiety, depression, panic, or PTSD can occur anywhere, including in the workplace. These symptoms can make it difficult to safely focus on one’s work. Nothing about coping with trauma is easy, and learning to manage the effects of one’s trauma while still in the workplace is an incredibly difficult task. Depending on the work environment, it may be necessary to look for safer workplaces that are more conducive to the recovery process. Additionally, it may be beneficial to look at the people who populate the workplace, to ensure that they are understanding of one’s position in recovery from a traumatic experience — or at least are not creating a toxic environment that may add to one’s stress on either a personal or professional front. However, there are ways for each person to try to address their own trauma and PTSD symptoms while still maintaining a stable work life. 

Keep To a Schedule

Keeping to a schedule can add a needed consistency and expectation to a day. This can mean talking with advisors and setting a rigid time that a person has to show up for work, but also a static time where they can leave and won’t be kept overtime in order to mitigate any unforeseen events that may add additional stress. These schedules can be as outlined as needed, and can even include regular breaks for a person to go to the bathroom or grab some water in order to avoid becoming too overwhelmed without a chance to step out and recollect oneself. Talking with understanding advisors may be beneficial in setting up these kinds of routines both for the quality of work, as well as for maintaining a healthy emotional state while in the workplace. 

Have a Backup Plan

Having a backup plan can provide a safety net for those exploring their work and professional lives after a trauma. Whether this is a loved one who can be by the phone while you are at work or a coping kit of comforting materials in the car or break room, having these plans in place can help you feel more secure in your day, and not feel like you are ever alone in your journey through recovery. Establishing these backup plans before each day, or even before accepting your first job after recovery, can help start your professional journey in a way that is safe and productive for you and your continued healing.  

Coping with the effects of trauma in the workplace is a large undertaking. If you or a loved one are struggling with the effects of trauma in your own lives and are ready to take the first step towards creating your own, transformed future, The Guest House can help you today. With a number of unique and holistic approaches available and a beautiful, open, and accepting atmosphere, we can create a space for you to explore your own needs and goals and work alongside you to create a plan for dealing with trauma on a daily level. For more information on how we can personalize your time with us, or to talk to a caring, trained staff member about your unique situation, call us today at (855) 483-7800.