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Even when we’re wholeheartedly committed to our sobriety and invested in our recovery, we can find that there are persistent impeding factors that can threaten to derail our progress. Some of these impediments might be unavoidable. Others we can be mindful of and prevent as we’re doing the work to recover. Sometimes these impediments jeopardize our overall well-being, not just our sobriety. Learning more about these factors can help us to overcome them as part of our recovery work.

Toxic Relationships

One major impediment to our sobriety is the unhealthy relationships we choose to stay in. We know from experience how difficult and heart-wrenching it can be to leave a relationship that is important to us. The relationship itself can become addictive, with either our partner or the overall relationship, or both, functioning as our drugs of choice. We might be engaged in very codependent relationship dynamics. We might have come to believe we need this other person in order to be happy or even to survive. We might be dependent upon the relationship financially, emotionally, and/or psychologically. These relationships can pose a major threat to our sobriety. We’re more triggered to use the unhappier we are in our everyday lives. Our relationships are important parts of our lives, and when we’re not at peace within our relationships, we lack peace within ourselves. The more our mental and emotional health suffers, the more vulnerable our sobriety becomes. We use our drugs of choice to numb ourselves to the pain we’re experiencing in our relationships. When the relationship is abusive, our overall well-being and safety are in jeopardy.

Limiting Beliefs

Just as the dynamics in our relationships with other people can impede our recovery, so too can the internal dynamics within the relationships we have with ourselves be toxic and detrimental to our recovery. We often are holding onto limiting beliefs, even well into our recovery, that can hinder our progress, make us feel bad about ourselves, and convince us we’re incapable of recovering successfully. Our insecurities tell us we’re worthless and destined to fail. Our inner demons persuade us to use our drugs of choice again. As hard as we’ve worked to heal ourselves mentally and emotionally, we can still find ourselves grappling with persistent limiting beliefs that make us question ourselves, our strength, and our commitment to our sobriety.

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