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Can Bipolar Disorder Be Cured?

In a world where people can browse social apps, order anything and get it within hours, it’s hard to imagine not having a quick way to fix things. The search for fast fixes and simplified treatment leaves some wondering if there is a cure for bipolar disorder? The truth is, no, there isn’t. Why? Because mental health disorders are lifelong illnesses. Don’t give up hope, however, because there are effective treatments.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

A person with bipolar disorder has unusual changes in their moods. There are three different types of bipolar disorder.

#1. Bipolar I Disorder

A person with bipolar I disorder experiences a manic phase (extreme elation, high energy, or irritability) for more than seven days or so intense that immediate hospitalization is recommended. However, they can also have severe depressive episodes lasting longer than two weeks. In some cases, the person can present mixed symptoms while in a manic or depressive state.

#2. Bipolar II Disorder

Depressive episodes with hypomanic episodes (a milder form of mania) define this type of bipolar disorder.

#3. Cyclothymic Disorder

A person will experience periods of hypomanic and depressive symptoms that last at least two years.

Why Isn’t There a Cure?

Bipolar disorder, like any other mental health disorders, is a chronic illness. Although the origins of bipolar disorder are unknown, those who research mental health disorders believe there are some contributing factors, including:

  • Genetics: If you have a parent or sibling with bipolar disorder, you have an increased risk of bipolar disorder.
  • Your brain: A person with bipolar disorder seems to have physical alterations in their brain.

The uncertainty of the causes of bipolar disorder is one leading reason why there isn’t a cure. Another reason is you can’t change your genes or make physical alterations to your brain.

Think of bipolar disorder like you would another chronic disease. For example, cancer is considered a chronic disease. You can have a diagnosis, undergo treatment, and be declared to have “No Evidence of Disease” (NED), but it can reoccur. Some cancer patients take medications for years to help prevent a reoccurrence, but there’s no guarantee.

How Is Bipolar Disorder Treated?

Mental health disorders are most often treated with psychotherapy. Some therapists or mental health treatment centers combine talk therapy with holistic therapies like yoga, art, or music therapy. Since bipolar disorder is a chronic disease, doctors will often prescribe medication to help stabilize a person’s mood. The good news is that while there is no cure for bipolar disorder, effective treatment is available.

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