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Recently, we discussed how to handle an anxiety attack while flying on a plane. One resource we did not discuss was talking to a flight attendant. Of course, flight attendants are not mental health professionals, nor are they trained professionals other than their job requirements for being a flight attendant. However, flight attendants are likely to have some training in handling a mental health crisis because it is one of the many emergency situations which can take place while en route. Flight attendants may be trained in what is called Mental Health First Aid and have the tools available to help you work through a mental health crisis like a panic attack or an anxiety attack.

Flight attendants are used to comforting unaccompanied minors who are afraid of flying or terrified of being alone on the plane. Hysterics and temper tantrums are common place. While an anxiety attack is neither hysterical nor a temper tantrum, the operations are mostly the same. Children feel threatened and go into survival mode, the same fight or flight response taking place when you are experiencing anxiety. How a flight attendant would talk to and calm a child experiencing anxiety is how they can help you. Moreover, just talking to a kind, understanding, and compassionate individual is helpful. Flight attendants will be skilled in helping you take your mind off the anxiety. They’ll ask you all about where your from, what you do, what your family is like, where you’re going, what you’ll do there- they’ll ask you to tell stories, describe things that you like, and remind you that everything is going to be okay. You might even be offered an extra snack or a full can of a beverage of your choice- high ticket consolation prices on a plane ride.

Living with anxiety can mean living with the shame and stigma society puts on mental illness. If you are yearning to speak with someone about your anxiety, don’t be afraid to walk into the flight attendant cabin and tell them exactly what is going on. Be honest about your experience- you have anxiety and you are currently experiencing an anxiety attack. Ask for what you need- do you need water? Some food? Someone to talk to? Rather than be met with judgment and criticism, you’ll likely immediately encounter empathy and praise for being so brave as to speak up and ask for support.

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