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If we let someone else into the inner workings of our minds to listen into our deepest thoughts, insecurities, and fears, would they be shocked by what they hear? We tend to think that we are the only ones who think and feel the way that we do. Nobody else could possibly think or feel what we think or feel. Everybody else is happier, more confident and living better lives than we are. Such a set of beliefs keeps us within the clutches of low self-esteem, which can prevent us from going after all that we deserve in life. Feeling undeserving and unworthy can be the result of experiencing trauma in our lives of some kind, which might manifest through various self-harming behaviors. Trauma is known for making us feel isolated in our life experiences and the thoughts which come with living with that life experience. We may feel as though we are the only one who could think or feel the way that we do, but we are not. We are not alone. You are not alone.

Buzzfeed took to one of their famous online quizzes to prove that we are not alone in the insecurities and fears that we experience. Buzzfeed turned to therapists and professionals to gather some of “the most common worries and insecurities their patients deal with”. Each question provided multiple options and then revealed the highest ranking answer and how many people chose that answer. For example, the quiz asked if the reader overthinks the tiniest things, even when they know that doing so is irrational. Sixty percent of participants responded “All the time”. Other findings included:

91% of people “had an intrusive violent, bizarre, or gross thought”67% of people feel like others a better at forming relationships and connections with others52% of people generally feel that others are happier than they are51% of people believe that nobody would care about their thoughts and feelings if they were to share them

Most people live with a sense of insecurity, feelings of fear of being alone or different, and suspicion that others are happier. These thoughts do not make us different, alone, or undeserving. These thoughts make us human. Everyone is having the same human experience, on a different level.

Our experiences can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Experiences like trauma need compassionate clinical care in order to find healing in mind, body, and spirit. The Guest House Ocala offers customizable private residential treatment programs for trauma, addictions, and related issues. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800