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Sometimes, people with a traumatic past may feel as though they are not connected to the present moment. They may disassociate with their surroundings. They may even feel a disconnect from their own bodies when they are struggling in the moment. If you are experiencing some of these issues due to trauma, you may need to remember to engage with your surroundings to help you feel grounded. When you engage with your surroundings, you are practicing mindfulness to get back to the present moment. When you feel yourself starting to drift away, try to look around you and find things in your surroundings to bring your focus back.

You might want to try something as simple as feeling the way you sit in a chair. Focus on how your body weight can shift from side to side. Notice how the chair feels and think about your posture. Are you sitting up straight and tall or slouching? Feel the floor beneath your feet. What sound does it make when you tap your foot against it? While you are sitting, close your eyes and notice any smells around you. What are you noticing? Are you focusing on something that you have never noticed before? Look at the other things in your environment. Study and focus on objects with your eyes, or hold them in your hands. Grounding activities focus on using your senses to stay connected to the moment. Whenever you feel yourself drifting or disassociating, engage with your surroundings to bring yourself back to reality!

Staying grounded may be an important thing to work on if you have experienced trauma in your life. Often, people with trauma in their past have learned to disconnect and disengage from reality. They may start to feel uncomfortable and begin to drift away from the present moment. You may start to feel like you are disconnecting from your own body. When these things start to happen, you can focus on your senses to remain grounded. By engaging with your surroundings, you can stay level-headed and get back in touch with reality. If you are suffering from some of the negative impacts of trauma, you might benefit from additional support. Grounding techniques can help in the moment, and long-term recovery from trauma can teach you other skills to manage your symptoms. The Guest House is here to help you if you are suffering from trauma. We offer expert service and treatment for our clients. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.