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How Can I Admit I Have a Problem?

 When living with addiction, many of us tend to be in such deep denial about it that we are unable to admit we have a problem. We refuse help when it’s offered to us and resist the idea of change. Oftentimes this comes from a place of fear. We’re afraid to do the hard work of recovery. We’re afraid of asking for help because we fear we will be judged. It is fear that keeps us trapped in denial, unable to be honest with others and ourselves about how devastating our situations have become. How can we admit when we have a problem?

Seeking Out Support

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves when we’re afraid to admit we have a problem is to seek out a supportive community of people that can understand what we’re experiencing. Support group meetings are a powerful way of helping us open up to the truth. When we listen to other people’s stories that remind us of our own, that resonate with us, we find comfort in our shared experiences. We feel emboldened and empowered by other people’s bravery. We find ourselves better able to summon our inner strength and courage because we’re so inspired by other people’s. We’re encouraged and motivated by their support, and we feel a sense of togetherness and solidarity that we may never have felt before. This helps us to feel less alone, less afraid to overcome the hurdle of being unable to admit we have a problem.

The Relief We Feel

Very often when we can finally admit we have a problem, especially when surrounded by like-minded people who understand and can relate to us, we find relief in the empathy and compassion displayed. Our fear subsides and is replaced by a feeling of calm faith that everything is going to be okay. We’ve been living in panic and dread, so afraid of taking that important step, but once we do, we’re now affirming and empowering ourselves. We’re giving ourselves the push forward toward healing that we need. Chances are there is a support group near you, a friend, a therapist or social worker who can offer you the safe space you need to open up, to courageously admit you have a problem, and then to take much-needed steps to get help.

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