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How Can I Overcome My Fear of Rehab?

Many of us trying to recover from addiction are blocked by our fear of rehab, our fears of seeking out help, and our fears of giving up our current way of life. We’re afraid of undergoing the withdrawal process, especially if we’ve experienced any difficult symptoms before. We’re afraid of working hard only to relapse and watch everything we’ve worked for go to waste. We’re afraid of disappointing ourselves and our loved ones yet again. We’re afraid of being judged and looked down upon as addicts, so we avoid admitting we have a problem and asking for help. All of these subconscious fears are fueling our resistance to rehab, and we avoid it, even when we know we need help. How can we overcome our fear of rehab?

What Am I Really Afraid Of?

One thing we can do is try and understand what our deeper fears are that are making us avoid rehab. What exactly are you afraid of? Are you afraid of giving up your drug of choice, because you’ve grown so dependent on it? Are you afraid you won’t be able to handle the stress of everyday life? Are you afraid your relationships won’t survive your sobriety, especially the relationships you have with other addicts, because they were centered around your addiction? The first step in moving through our fear is understanding what we’re really afraid of. Much of the time our fears are driving our actions without our being aware of them. We often don’t even know that we’re acting out of fear. We want to develop more awareness around our fears, what they are, where they’re coming from, how we’re allowing them to drive our choices and behaviors, how they’re making us feel, etc.

Becoming More Self-Motivating

Another thing we want to do is become more self-encouraging and motivating as we’re debating whether or not to ask for help or check in to rehab. We can affirm to ourselves that we’re stronger than our fears, that we’ll be making the best possible choice for ourselves, and that we’re doing what we know we need to do for ourselves. We can remind ourselves that pushing through this fear is how we will access our healing, and that our health and happiness, and making all of our dreams come true, lie on the other side of our fear.

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