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Anxiety is the result of all kinds of different things. It can be triggered by stressful situations, troubling relationships, or addiction in general. Our struggles with addiction can be destabilizing and fear-inducing. We can feel anxiety around whether or not we’ll ever be able to recover. Failure is a terrifying possibility. Likewise, we fear that we’ll relapse repeatedly and never be able to achieve lasting sobriety. Anxiety is a natural emotion, but we need to manage it so that it doesn’t prevent us from getting better. How can our anxiety impede our recovery?

 We’re Manifesting From a Place of Fear

Our anxiety can be so consuming that it stops us from being able to think clearly. We’re so filled with fear that we’re unable to think logically. Stress and fear prevent us from finding solutions to our problems. Our anxiety causes us to stay stuck and trapped in our fear. We’re operating from a place of fear and uncertainty, rather than faith and trust. When we’re filled with anxiety, we manifest circumstances that reflect our inner turmoil. In turn, these situations compound our stress, creating more problematic conditions to resolve. We’re left dealing with all kinds of anxiety-inducing challenges, on top of our existing problems.

We Can’t Commit to Our Recovery

When we’re filled with anxiety, we can’t focus on our recovery. This all-consuming stress leaves us distracted by everything else that’s going on. We’re not able to give our full commitment to the healing process nor can we focus on our well-being. Self-care goes directly out the window when we’re scattered, distracted, and unfocused. Our energy is split and diluted, rather than laser-focused on getting better. Untreated anxiety is an impediment to our sobriety. The more we learn to manage it, the more successful we’ll be in our recovery.

The Guest House Ocala provides unparalleled, premier-quality treatment to those who suffer from self-defeating behaviors brought on by trauma and its underlying issues. We are uniquely equipped to help our guests heal from trauma-induced substance abuse and process addiction in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

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