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How to Set Healthy Goals without Worrying About Outcomes  

Goal setting is important to achieving long-lasting satisfaction in recovery. While the body can recover and do great things, recovery does take a toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Setting healthy goals requires not worrying about what is going to happen far down the road. Simply set up the opportunity for success and see what happens. 

Why Some People Get Sick

Self-sabotaging beliefs can get in the way of people feeling healthy. People will die one day, one way or another, but some seem to get sicker faster or stay sicker longer than others. This goes for newborns on up to older adults. A lifetime spent mostly healthy is a blessing because many people struggle with their health. There are many factors that decide how someone feels or navigates their health. It is important to work on healing the mind and body together. Recovery is a time to begin the journey by detoxing substances that are toxic and renewing the body and mind for what’s ahead. Healing allows people to feel better than they often have in ages but it does not happen overnight. 

Spirituality and Illness

Surrender is an important part of addiction recovery. There is less control over people’s lives than they desire early on but later in life they have more options and choices to be who they have always wanted to be. Spiritually, illness can take hold because a person believes they don’t have a choice. It helps to set goals that release attachment to outcomes. When a person tries to seize control of their own life, this work may take decades but they are likely to feel better when they believe they have control over their life than when they don’t.

Do the Work

One of the hardest things in healing is to do the hard work. Do what works to heal negative beliefs about health and being healthy again. Eat healthier, drink smoothies, exercise, and do spiritually healthy things that build a better mind and body overall. Doing the work means finding out what is needed and doing it. This might mean:

  • Going to recovery meetings
  • Going to more therapy appointments
  • Incorporating therapy into daily life
  • Expressing oneself creatively
  • Praying or seeking a higher power
  • Finding more community support
  • Releasing old friends or habits that are holding you back

There is no miracle cure for being healthier. When a person releases the outcomes, they don’t worry whether they will work or not. They don’t worry whether or not they are going to experience true healing. They simply do the work and find hope for the future in this mindset. Hold onto positive thinking and life will feel better, and more healthy, overall. 

The Guest House Ocala welcomes people who are struggling with addiction. When a person is healthy, they are living out their best emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. It takes time to find who that person is after addiction. We help you uncover who that is and how to create healthier goals in recovery. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800