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Blocked Goals: Another Problem With Substance Abuse

Goals are self-motivational tools that help us change. They can include a more balanced lifestyle focused on healthy habits. Goals essentially help bring purpose and aspiration to the action needed to work towards the achievement. However, substance abuse can block goals.

Practical Goal Setting and Benefits

Typically when we want to set goals, we want to encourage ourselves and find success in our steps towards the ultimate achievement. Goal setting provides a balanced perspective for our lives and helps us move past repetitive unhealthy behaviors.

Furthermore, setting and attaining goals can boost our independence and confidence as well as build resilience. These traits help us meet challenges in life. For many years, studies have indicated that people who set goals for themselves demonstrate increased personal productivity and motivation.

How Substance Abuse Can Block Goals

We know that goal-setting can help provide measurable and action-oriented steps and help enlighten us while designing a roadmap to reach the overall goal. We also know that substance abuse chemically changes the way the brain functions. These changes in brain function can interfere with setting and attaining goals because these goals may seem less valuable to us when we are struggling with substance abuse. In addition, we may lose the motivation needed to work towards our goals.

How to Rearrange Goal Setting in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, the accountability of goal setting encourages those seeking the road to recovery. It’s not an easy task to accomplish, but the ability to set goals helps develop independent living and progression towards sobriety. As you progress toward your goals, substance abuse will not define who you are but rather be a part of a previous existence left in the past when you began working toward addiction recovery. The first step to achieving your goals and finding meaning in your life is to look at the whole picture. You have to take small steps to achieve long-term recovery, and goal setting will help you on your way.

When you reach out for help to change your life’s direction forever, you don’t have to be discouraged or do it alone. At The Guest House, we know how setting goals can help you, particularly when fighting to overcome substance abuse. We want to boost your self-confidence and lay a foundation to help you shift your life in a healthier direction. For more information on how substance abuse can interfere with goals or if you want someone on your side to help you start setting goals, call us today at (855) 483-7800.