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It’s not uncommon for us to experience feelings of resistance and complacency as we’re working to recover. We get tired of doing the intense work required of us. We feel as though we need a break. We can feel devoid of hope, optimism, and motivation. We want to stay energized as much as possible in our recovery so that any setbacks we experience don’t become major stumbling blocks, hurdles we have an even harder time overcoming. We want to find ways to stay motivated throughout the recovery process, even when the going gets tough, and we feel ourselves losing motivation.

Uplifted by Other People’s Success Stories

One way to help ourselves stay motivated in recovery is to surround ourselves with people who can share their success stories with us to help encourage us. These might be fellow members of our support group meetings or other recovering addicts in our treatment programs and group therapy sessions. Every time we hear someone else’s story of successfully getting sober, we’re reminded that sobriety is possible for us too. We can be uplifted when hearing their experiences of overcoming obstacles and allow their strength to encourage us to keep moving forward. We can be inspired by the ways in which they’ve managed to handle their challenges, and we can learn from the ways in which to rise to the challenges in our own lives. Recovery doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. We can be motivated and empowered by the strength of others.

Affirmed by Our Progress

Another way to stay motivated in recovery is to continually remind ourselves of how far we’ve come. When we’re feeling down on ourselves, sometimes we tend to fear the worst about the future that’s ahead of us. We can become pessimistic and negative in our thinking. Remember to look at all the progress you’ve already made, all the changes you’ve implemented, all the strength and resilience you’ve developed. Take an inventory of how much you’ve accomplished in your recovery, and in your life. You’re an entirely different person now that you’re working to recover. You’ve summoned the courage to face addictions you might have never thought you could quit. You’ve beaten odds you might never have thought you could face. You deserve to be proud of yourself. Let that motivate you to keep going.

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