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Reconnecting With Reality

Experiencing a panic attack is a surreal experience. Reality breaks away as the logic in one’s mind gives in to fear. No matter how absurd a notion may feel, a person in panic acts as if it is undeniably there, presenting an unfathomable danger. As reality becomes uncertain, it is essential to find a way to ground oneself back in the real world, with the logic being able to prevail once more over fear. Getting out of a panicked state is a difficult task. Breaking it down into a few easy steps can help appease the anxiety before the idea of any kind of self-destruction makes its way through the panic.

First, Breathe

Breathing isn’t something that we often think we have to practice, but it can be a necessary tool in our toolkit when dealing with panic. There is a reason that when people are stressed, they are told to “take a deep breath.” The idea is that it creates the illusion of time. Time to breathe can be the greatest ally in panic. It is also the first step to regrounding oneself into the real world through feelings of crisis. Take a single, deep, deliberate breath. It can open up those precious few seconds to continue combating the panic.

Point Out the Obvious

Another step that seems rather mundane, but serves a great purpose is pointing out the obvious. During a panic attack, overwhelming fear can easily lead one to forget the very environment they are in, and instead perceive it as a foreign, dangerous space. After that deep breath, try to simply name whatever objects are in view. Keep it obvious, and even reach out to it if possible. By naming familiar objects, even simple things like “phone” and “window,” you are returning to your practical senses. Each item begins to rebuild the familiarity with your space.

While panic attacks can feel debilitating, there are ways to help mitigate the feelings of fear. Grounding oneself is the first step. These techniques all work to provide someone with clarity to utilize any and all other methods they have learned.

Panic attacks can strike at any time. Having useful techniques to cope with them is essential in getting through the difficulties of each and every day. The Guest House is available to help. The Guest House can help instill the necessary techniques to further aid one in their own path towards a healthy living if you or a loved one is suffering from panic due to trauma or as a side effect of addiction. For information on their programs and how they can help you, contact The Guest House today at 1-855-483-7800.