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Too many people spent too much time staring  at screens and scrolling aimlessly. What are you looking for? When will you stop scrolling? You might not think that technology has an impact on your mental health, but it does. This impact isn’t always a positive one, either. Continue reading to learn more about how putting your device aside and returning to your roots can benefit your mental health and recovery.

Continuous Information Overload

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with absolutely no online presence in today’s world. Almost everyone has at least one social media profile, if not multiple. While there are some benefits to the connectedness of social media, the negatives may outweigh the positives. It’s also important to consider that technology has made us available 24/7. We get a ding every time an email hits our inbox and we get a buzz with each new breaking news notification. It’s no wonder that almost everyone is under more stress now than ever. We are continuously being overloaded with information and many of us have trouble putting down our phones, closing our laptops, and being generally unavailable for extended periods of time. If you’re working on your mental health or recovery, constantly being bombarded with requests and negativity will hold you back. You must set aside time each day to shut off the information overload and focus on your well-being. Give yourself permission to return to your roots.

The Constant Comparison of Social Media

Besides the continuous information overload that technology brings, social media traps us in a constant game of comparison to others. Most of your endless scrolling leads you to soak up everyone else’s best moments. Your childhood friend just got engaged. Your college buddy landed their dream job. Your coworker lost ten pounds and counting. These wonderful things you’re seeing everyone else accomplish should make you feel good for them. Instead, you’re having a terrible day, you got in a fight with your partner, and your child is screaming their head off. All you can think of is that everything is going right for everyone else around you and your life is taking a nosedive. This constant comparison is unhealthy. It’s important to remind yourself that you are only privy to what your friends and followers want you to know, while you have the inside scoop on your own life. Being stuck in comparison can only lead to unhappiness. You don’t have to spend all your waking hours logged on to social media. Give yourself a break. Close the app and put down your phone. You’ll thank yourself later.

The Good Old Days

Think back to when you were a kid. Technology was relatively archaic. You probably did not have a phone or tablet glued to your hand and your childhood was better off for it. Gone are the days where children play in the neighborhood until the streetlights come on. This genuine connection and pleasure in a technology-free space doesn’t have to be limited to your past. You can reconnect with your younger self and allow yourself to disconnect from technology and engage in a hobby you used to enjoy. 

Find What You Love

The key to finding satisfaction away from technology and social media is to find what you love. Many adults may look back at their youth and realize that they love to read, only to remember that it has been years since they read anything longer than a rant on social media. If you used to love reading through a fiction series or comic books, check out your local library for some reading materials. Give yourself permission to lose track of time in a good book. If reading a novel isn’t your speed, think of something else that gets your creative juices flowing. Journaling, drawing, painting, or scrapbooking can give you the space to be creative. Check out a craft or hobby store for more ideas to help you explore your emotions in a healthy way.

If you’d rather do something more active, look for local groups or sports leagues you can join. Many people grew up on ballfields and courts, but haven’t picked up a ball in ages. Return to what you used to love by finding an adult league in your area. There are different leagues that offer a variety of competitive levels. If you’d rather get active on your own, create a schedule that allows you to go for runs or hop on your bike before or after work. As a kid, you probably couldn’t wait to get outside afterschool. Think about getting active after work before you lose yourself in the latest television show or scrolling your evening away.

Finding what you love doesn’t have to be complicated. Think back to what you enjoyed as a kid and try to replicate that joy. If you enjoy being with friends, challenge your group to have a technology-free evening. The connection will thrive and be much more genuine if everyone is engaged in the conversation. Whatever you enjoy, lose yourself in it. It’s much more rewarding than being glued to your phone.


The Guest House encourages you to spend a little bit of time each day doing something you love. Return to your roots and allow yourself to enjoy something that isn’t technology related. Bringing this natural joy into your daily routine will help create a healthy schedule with many benefits. If you are struggling with your sobriety and it is impacting your ability to stick to a healthy schedule, call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need today. Call us now!