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Self-Hypnosis for Trauma Healing

When exploring natural alternatives for healing, hypnosis is one of the techniques that is often highly recommended but still somewhat misunderstood. We view hypnosis as a form of mind control, but the truth is we can actually hypnotize ourselves to help ourselves heal. We are essentially hypnotizing ourselves all the time, every single day. Every thought pattern that we give energy to on a consistent basis, every limiting belief we repeat over and over again, everything we obsess about, is a form of self-hypnosis. We’re hypnotizing ourselves every time we combine thought repetition with the power of our belief. When we want to use our power for healing instead of self-destruction, we can use self-hypnosis to bring about radical transformation.

Self-hypnosis requires that we work to examine what unhealed fears and pain are driving our addictions and mental health issues. We want to use hypnosis around these deeply rooted issues to really get to the core of what’s causing us so much pain. Many of us are still very much troubled by the traumatic experiences of our past, and our addictions are our misguided coping mechanisms to deal with the pain we have yet to heal. Using trauma as an example, let’s look at how we can hypnotize ourselves to heal from the traumatic things we’ve been through.

For many of us, the memories of our trauma cause us to feel unsafe and easily threatened. We feel insecure within ourselves, ungrounded, unstable and uncentered. We don’t feel whole or complete. We can feel as though we’re on the verge of losing ourselves, our sense of self, or our sanity. We can be so afraid to confront our trauma that we suppress or block out our memories entirely. Sometimes our trauma feels so close to the surface that it causes us to react strongly to it, making us highly explosive, volatile and reactive, both with ourselves and others. In order to hypnotize ourselves successfully, we want to look at how our experience with our trauma, and our relationship to it, have affected us, how our trauma has made us feel, how it’s impacting our lives. We want to start facing our trauma head on, really confronting it with acceptance, rather than trying to resist and fight it.

Let’s begin to tell ourselves a new set of truths and meditate on them until they become solidified in our consciousness. We want to use meditation, visualization and repetition to reprogram our subconscious minds, where our fears and memories are stored. Repeat affirmations to yourself like “I am safe. I am protected. I am secure. I am totally healed. I am at peace within myself. It is safe for me to feel my emotions. It is safe for me to face my fears. I am strong and powerful, and I will get through this.” The more we work with these empowering affirmations, and really visualize ourselves being healed and truly safe from our trauma, the more we will help ourselves achieve true healing transformation.

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