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Hitting ‘rock bottom’ in any sense of the phrase, is a life changing experience. After living with such a great amount of pain for so long and trying your best to cope with it in the ways that you could, it can be hard to tell when things start getting better. You become so used to life being one way, it is almost unbelievable when life starts to change. If you’re having a moment, of doubt or disbelief about your recovery from traumas, addictions, and/or related mental health issues, here is how you can tell things are getting better. As The Beatles said, “It’s getting better all the time.”

You are more connected to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with less irritability, disconnect, or frustration: You can say “I feel” with more knowledge of what is going on inside your mind. Rather than being rough around the edges like a porcupine, you are becoming softer and less irritable. You are able to connect to and process your emotions without fighting them, stuffing them, or denying them.You are inspired by and curious about the world around you: Trauma can cause a deep sense of isolation and feeling disconnected from the world. Depression, commonly experienced by people with trauma, can cause you to be uninterested in activities, have a lack of motivation, and lose your passion for life. You are feeling more eager to get out and experience the world with less fear, intimidation, or anxiety.You are feeling better physically: Mental health affects physical health and vice versa. When you don’t feel good mentally, you tend not to feel good physically. Likewise, when you don’t feel good physically, you tend to feel off mentally. Trauma can take different tolls on mental health. If you have turned to substance abuse to cope, you will start to feel better months into recovery as your body regenerates. If you have been weighed down by emotional pain or stress, you feel less aches, pains, and psychosomatic symptoms.You do not wake up in a frenzy: Nightmares and terrors can take a long time to go away when you are recovering from trauma. Waking up in the morning, you don’t feel like you are in a panic, stressing about how you will make it through the day. You are gaining confidence in your abilities to cope and thrive.You can say “i love you” to yourself”: You may not fully believe it yet, but you have found the ability to look yourself in the mirror, eye to eye. You aren’t ashamed by who you see, what they have been through, or what they have done in their lives. You see someone strong. You see someone fighting to heal.

You are not alone in your struggles with trauma. Everyone has a story before they come to treatment at The Guest House Ocala. No matter your story, here you are welcomed with open arms. Your program of care will be carefully customized to your specific experiences and needs to provide the best possible treatment we can provide. If you are ready to heal, we are ready to show you the way. Welcome home.

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