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You feel preoccupied with thoughts of pornography: If you aren’t looking for pornography or watching pornography, you are thinking about the pornography you could be watching, have watched, or want to watch.You spend exorbitant amounts of time finding, watching, and saving pornography: You log multiple hours a day scouring the internet for various forms of pornography including pictures and videos.You isolate in order to consume pornography alone: Isolation is a common symptom of many different addictions and disorders. You isolate in order to consume pornography without interruption. Additionally, pornography has interfered with your social, romantic, or other relationships.You are irritable when you cannot access pornography: A hallmark sign of addiction is a marked change in demeanor when the substance of choice is not available. You become irritable and frustrated when you cannot access pornography but want to.You experience ‘cravings’ for pornography: Cravings are the next step from irritability. Even When you don’t feel that you want’ to consume pornography, you feel that you need to consume pornography, possibly to cope with symptoms of withdrawal.You experience ‘withdrawwals’ when you do not consume pronography: Since pornogrpahy is not a chemical substance, withdrawals don’t look the same as addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, symptoms like insomnia, difficulty sleeping, sweating, or even depression and anxiety are common.You miss out on important relationships as a result of consuming pornography: Isoation and an addiction to pornography has caused your interpersonal reltionships to suffer. You aren’t able to make committments, show up, or be present with others.You are unable to complete the responsibilities of a job as a result of consuming pornography: Completing the responsibilities of a job is difficult to do when your time and energy is completely taken up by consuming pornographyYou have heard others express their hurt and concern regarding your relationship with pornographyYou feel the need to increase the intensity of the pornography you consumeYou experience difficulty during physical intimacy with others as a result of pornography

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