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Now that you’re in recovery, it’s an excellent time to conduct a thorough spring cleaning. Decluttering both your internal and external environments can help you create space for your new substance-free life and help you reach your goals.

The Cycle of Addiction

If you’ve experienced substance use disorder (SUD), you may have found that your whole life revolved around your addiction. You may have built relationships with other people who use substances. Your daily routine may also have been devoted to procuring and using drugs or alcohol.

This cycle can become even worse if you lack a proper support system that includes sober friends and family. Another element is that you may have created a lot of instability in your life. You may even have lost interest in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed.

All of these factors taken together can create a dangerous cycle that may seem impossible to break when you’re in it. However, intentional spring cleaning around important areas of your life will help you fall into new habits that align with your sobriety goals.

Spring Cleaning Your External Environment

To declutter your external environment this spring, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors in your life that influence your mental well-being. These include your relationships, support networks, and physical clutter.

Revamping Relationships

One of the most important aspects of recovery is having a strong support system.

According to a 2015 study published in Frontiers in Psychology, social factors are “involved at every stage of the development of and recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD).” People may start using substances because of social factors like peer pressure or even isolation. For those in treatment, individuals with strong and healthy social support networks will have a higher rate of success.

Finding Support

You may feel tempted to try and go about recovery alone. You may think that’s your only option. However, finding a good support system can be easier than you think. If you don’t already have supportive friends and family in your life, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) may be helpful.

Recovery programs usually include some form of group therapy. This type of therapy is a great way to process your thoughts and feelings with others who understand the difficulties you face. The cutting-edge program at The Guest House, for example, offers many different levels of care. These include medical detox, inpatient care, and outpatient options. Here, you will also find support from trauma-specific staff and clinicians in a safe setting where you will never feel alone.

Cleaning up Physical Clutter

There’s an amazing thing that happens when you start cleaning up actual clutter in your physical environment. Not only do you begin to feel more focused, but you also start seeing your life in a new light.

When things are neat and orderly, there is more room for you to personally grow. Decluttering has even been found to have mental health benefits.

How to Start Spring Cleaning Your Space

A great way to start decluttering your space is to ask yourself if the new version of you would have a certain item. You may be holding onto old clothes, paperwork from old jobs, or even items that you used in addiction.

To get started, you can make separate piles for items you’re donating and items you’re throwing away. You can also declutter other areas like your car, your workspace, or even your wallet.

Spring Cleaning Your Internal Environment

Your external environment isn’t the only space that can benefit from decluttering. Your internal environment, like your mindset and mental health, is also wildly important as you create a new life for yourself in recovery.

Journaling for Release

People who experience SUD are often all too familiar with the presence of negative thoughts and emotions. Using a journal can go a long way toward helping you declutter your mind.

Most people will try to ignore painful thoughts and feelings. You may have even self-medicated with substances to avoid these thoughts and feelings. Writing them down in your journal can help you face them. This is a great way to process them and help you release anything that no longer serves you.

Using Mindfulness and Meditation

The best way to declutter the chatter in your mind is by becoming more present in the current moment. For centuries, people have known the benefits of modalities like mindfulness and meditation. They work because they allow you to clear your mind. Through these practices, you can observe your thoughts without judgment while experiencing life around you as it unfolds.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), mindfulness has many benefits including better sleep quality, better physical health, and less depression and anxiety.

Adding practices like mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine can help you cultivate a more positive mindset, give you more confidence, and allow you to handle daily stressors in a much more productive way.

Spring Cleaning for Recovery at The Guest House

If you’re looking for a strong support network and a wide variety of fun and innovative therapies, The Guest House provides it all. Our cutting-edge program includes a comprehensive blend of both traditional and holistic therapies to help you find lasting peace and success in recovery.

A Variety of Therapies for Building a New Life

Group and individual therapy will provide you with the healthy support you need to process your feelings, challenges, and emotions. Also, you will never have to go through your recovery journey alone.

We also offer a plethora of holistic therapies and activities like meditation, conscious connected breathwork, and adventure therapy. Through these modalities, you will learn how to stay grounded in the present moment, build relationships, and find joy in your daily life once again.

No matter what you come here to heal, The Guest House has everything you need for a powerful spring cleaning of your mind, body, and soul.

To find lasting success in recovery, it’s important to do a good spring cleaning of both your internal and external environments. At The Guest House, you will find a multitude of tools and therapies to help you declutter your mind, body, and soul. Here you will find a strong support system. Our group and individual therapies can especially help you process difficult thoughts and feelings as you learn how to lean on others for help and guidance. We also offer a wide variety of holistic therapies like meditation that will help you become more present as you clear your mind of clutter. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.