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As human beings, we are all different, each with our own unique qualities that vary from  one person to the next. As addicts and alcoholics, the disease of addiction within us is the same. Addiction is addiction, and if you think you’re different from everyone else, you are placing yourself on a pedestal that you have no business standing on. An example of terminal uniqueness is that of an alcoholic in denial. She thinks alcohol will destroy the lives of other people, but not her own. Because of this warped thinking, people die every single day.

The mindset of terminal uniqueness is divisive, and takes on a me versus them approach to the world. This is a big problem for an addict or an alcoholic because asking for help becomes harder than it already is. The person may think that what worked for other people could never work for him because he’s worse/better than everyone else. Terminal uniqueness is a type of denial that allows a person to skirt responsibility and ignore the consequences of their actions. So, not only are they less likely to seek treatment, but they’re in denial of having a problem in the first place.

Recovery is about community. It takes a village to stay sober, with each person equally important to the survival of the whole. We learn from one another, and when we hear of a mistake, we can listen and take steps to not make the same mistake ourselves. If we think we’re different from everyone and unable to relate, we shut ourselves off, and learn nothing. Terminal uniqueness in recovery is especially dangerous for this reason. If you’re sober, and think your situation is unique, you may ignore suggestions and be on course for eventual relapse.

If you are unable to stop drinking or drugging, you are just like millions of others with the disease of addiction. You are not alone, and what you have is treatable. The Guest House Ocala is your first step toward creating a new life in recovery. Our staff is here to slowly taper you off your drug of choice, and to ensure your comfort throughout the entire withdrawal period. Your life can change, and all you need is a willingness to stop drinking or using. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 1-855-483-7800. You can do this, and you can recover.