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Having solid friendships while in recovery can be extremely beneficial. It is even more beneficial if those friends are also in recovery. By having strong friendships with those in recovery, you can form a bond over shared experiences and commonalities.

You worked extremely hard throughout treatment, and you faced all of your challenges head-on. For those who have never experienced addiction, it can be hard to fully grasp what that experience is like. You will meet people throughout your life who will simply not understand what you have gone through or how hard you have worked. When you form friendships with other people in recovery, they will simply get it. Here are a few basic benefits of forming friendships with others who are in recovery.

Opening Up 

It can be easier to open up to people when you know they will not judge you. Making friends can be scary for everyone. However, it can be even scarier if you struggle with your mental health or addiction. When you have a friend in recovery, they get it. If you find yourself struggling, you can talk to them about it. They may have experienced something similar in their recovery. It can be comforting to belong to a group where you feel unjudged and regarded as an equal.

The stigma surrounding addiction is very real. It can be hard to open up to people for fear of how they will react to your past or the journey you are on. If you have friends who are also in recovery, you can share experiences without facing stigma because of your past addiction.

Sharing Experiences 

Having close friends allows you to experience moments with people. Milestones and goals are a huge part of the recovery process, and celebrating your recovery is huge. When your close friends are in recovery as well, they will understand what the milestone really means. They will understand how you are feeling and the work it took to get to that moment.

Every recovery is unique. Everyone experiences things differently. Having friends who are also in recovery does not mean you experience everything the same. You will probably be in different parts of recovery and experience different challenges. However, having friends in recovery is wonderful because they do not need to experience the same exact thing to understand the importance or impact of the situation.

Providing Support

Friendships are important in our lives. Friendships help to give you the support that is needed as you journey through recovery. As you move forward through life, you will face obstacles, challenges, and hills that need to be climbed. Recovery can be an amazing time, filled with discovery and growth. However, it can be overwhelming as well. Having friends as part of your support circle is important. Your friends can be there to talk with you and support you through challenges. If your friends are in recovery as well, they will understand and listen to you when you explain the type and amount of support that you need from them.

Improving Self-Esteem 

Friendships can help your self-esteem. They can help you to remember how loved you are. Friends can be your loudest cheerleaders. We all face moments where we feel incapable and unworthy. Even though you are leading a sober lifestyle, you may still struggle with your past choices or how you treated relationships. Friendships are critical in those moments. Friendships pull you up when you cannot pull yourself up. Your friends who are in recovery as well understand how it feels to experience ups and downs as part of the recovery process. They will understand how your self-esteem is impacted by various components of the recovery process. To feel understood is powerful. When you feel understood, you feel supported. Recovery is a life-long process filled with learning. Having friends support you along the way is powerful and important.

Building Your Own Community

Feeling like you belong to a community is critical to your overall well-being. When you struggle to feel like you belong, it can increase feelings of isolation and mental health struggles. You worked hard in treatment. You worked on your mental health and took your time to better understand your trauma. Despite all of that hard work, it can still feel challenging to belong, and facing stigma can make it scary to put yourself out there.

When you have friends who are in recovery, you can form your own little community where you feel understood and have a sense of belonging. Friendships create a bond where you always belong and have someone to turn to.

Having healthy and supportive friendships through the recovery process is very important. Everyone needs to feel supported. Everyone needs to have a sense of community to belong to. Having friends who are also in recovery can be really beneficial and helpful in the recovery process. They can help boost your self-esteem, share experiences, and offer you support. Recovery is a life-long process and having support is critical. Here at The Guest House, we understand that recovery can be challenging. You constantly work on gaining skills and tools to continue to head in the right direction. You face ups and downs as you continue through your journey. Always remember that you do not need to face these challenges alone. We are ready to help you along the way. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you on your journey of recovery at (855) 483-7800