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What Are Some Ways That Journaling Can Help Me in My Recovery Process?

Many of us in recovery from mental health issues, traumatic events, or addiction to substances find that journaling can accentuate our process. When we journal, we get a chance to talk to ourselves. We can celebrate our success and learn from our failures. We can begin to document our feelings and emotions to help us identify triggers. We can also vent some of our frustrations to prevent us from “blowing our tops” at inappropriate times. Here are some ideas to get you started with your journaling:

  • Daily entries: develop a routine by writing in your journal at the same time each day. Set reminders on your cell phone if you need help. Most people find that journaling at the end of the day, just before going to bed, helps them to process the events of their day.
  • Check-ins: write out your emotional state in each entry. You can even add pictures, like a smiley or frowny face, to express yourself better.
  • Find a prompt: not sure what to write in your journal? Start out by just reviewing the events of the day. You can note how well you slept the night before, what happened during work, what you did for fun that day. Maybe think of something new that you learned about yourself that day or write about your favorite movie.
  • Practice gratitude: list three things that you are thankful for!
  • Review your journal: as you continue on with your writing, be sure to look back on past entries to reflect on your feelings and to identify some of the cause and effect of your emotions. You might begin to notice patterns in your moods on certain days or following specific events!

Remember that journaling takes practice, so start off easy and try not to think too much about what you write. Your journal is personal and does not require correct grammar, spelling, or punctuation! Try to write at least one thought per day, some days, you may only produce a sentence, other days, you will find yourself writing several pages! Journaling is an excellent way to enhance your current recovery program!

Are you struggling to manage your emotions and your mental health following traumatic events? Have you turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like alcohol or drugs, to deal with your negative feelings? You are not alone in your struggle! The Guest House helps those in recovery from traumatic events just like you! Learn healthy coping skills, like journaling and expressive therapy, to treat your mental health symptoms. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information on how you can get started!