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What Are Some Ways to Build Hope for the Journey?

Addiction recovery is not a one and done. There is no cure or way to stop being addicted to drugs in the general sense. Even when a person stops using substances or does not gamble, or do other things that are addictive, they will continue to wrestle with the repercussions. This can get people down in recovery. The bumps they encounter are rough at first and can derail their recovery if they are not mindful. With such overwhelming emotions and feelings that go with recovery, it is important to stay connected to the support of the community and seek help for those challenges. Loved ones can help build hope for the journey ahead.


Giving back is a great way to step out of the addiction recovery mindset into a more human-centered approach. So much time can be focused on ‘this person is in recovery,’ that it seems difficult to think of much else. While it is good to be reminded what recovery means, getting out of one’s head and comfort zone can be helpful, too. Serve others with addiction who need help, a volunteer with the homeless, or seek out shelters to serve with pets and animals. This can help build a stronger sense of self and hope that things are not as bad as they seem. This also helps build gratitude for the journey.

Start a Gratitude List

It can be hard in the midst of challenges to find things to be thankful for. Keep writing down the things that pop up during the day. Small things like being able to stop and smell some flowers on a walk or the ability to admire the sunshine for the first time in a while. Notice when things occur and begin to show appreciation for them.

Go to Counseling

Depending on where a person is in recovery, they may be feeling good enough to see their therapists less. It is important to meet with counselors who understand and specialize in addiction recovery. Mental health is key, as well, so tap into resources that specialize in these key areas for best support. Counseling is going to be important for healing and working through challenges as they arise in a healthy way.

Be with Friends

Friends have this awesome power to help minimize the negative and validate a person’s feelings. When a person feels down or hopeless, it helps them to know someone understands. Reach out, go do something silly or fun, and don’t hesitate to just engage with people who get life as it is right now. They can offer positive support for the journey.

Recognize even if relapse occurs or those negative thoughts come flying through the mind, this is not the end. Addiction is a lifetime affliction. Everyone has their own journey to deal with. Focus on recalibrating the plan, go back to treatment, go to more meetings, or do what it takes to build a bridge of hope to the next phase of the journey. Don’t let this take down all the hard work to this point. Hope is about holding on when a person feels like letting go because there is more to the story. Keep looking for the hope and reach out for support.

The Guest House Ocala works with people from all walks of life. Nobody is immune from the ravages of addiction. If you are struggling, relapsed, or need extra support, we are here. Contact us to find out how we can help you find hope again in the midst of the struggle. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800