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What Are Your "Yets"

When you start attending recovery meetings, you may believe you are nothing like other people in A.A. Instead of seeing the similarities, you tend to harp on the differences. To look at others with disbelief or doubt their experiences might be a mistake. You should hear what they have to say. If their stories seem melodramatic or extreme, understand that you may simply not have hit the same “rock-bottom” as them. Consider their experience to be a warning of what awaits you.

A “yet” Defined.

A “yet” really illustrates what happens to people when they drink or use even though these things have never happened to you. Jail, job termination, divorce, and homelessness are just a few things that you may have avoided. Still, these are common consequences for people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A “yet” is Field Research.

Although you may not have gone a low as you have perceived to be the lowest, you could. Staying sober and working your program is the best thing you can do. Someone with an addiction is not guaranteed to stay sober once they stop drinking and using. If you were to pick up drugs or alcohol again, you could very easily find yourself doing what you never thought you would. Being under the influence lowers your inhibitions and your ability to make rational decisions. You may not think you would ever do that “yet.” However, you might find yourself more susceptible to these awful ramifications if you do not stay sober.

A “yet” Means Your Eligible Too.

The quest to stay sober is more important than ever once you realize that you are just as eligible for awful consequences as other people. Try to avoid sitting in judgment when you hear what others have done. What you really need to do is turn judgment into empathy because you are not exempt from having the same thing happen to you when you drink or use drugs.

Take the “yets” with a grain of salt and use them to motivate you to work harder at your recovery. “Yets” often turn into “agains,” creating a dysfunctional cycle surrounding drugs and alcohol. Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It will make you believe that you are invincible. Recovery is loving, tolerant, and kind, and will show you how to live life to the fullest. If you use the “yets” to your advantage, you can save yourself from pain and suffering and revel in the positivity of recovery.

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