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What Keeps Us Stuck in Our Addictive Patterns?

As we learn more about our addictions, we discover that there are physical and emotional dependencies at play, along with our limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that factor into why it’s so hard for us to quit our addictions. When we dig even deeper, we find even more factors that have been keeping us stuck in our addictive patterns. We find cultural and familial conditioning to have influenced us a great deal as addicts. We see that our living environments and lifestyles continue to impact us. What are some of the elements of our lives that keep us stuck in our addictive patterns?

Absorbing the Energy of Addiction From Our Surroundings

One thing we often overlook when assessing our addictive patterns is how much we are impacted by the people around us. When our living environments, and therefore our routines and lifestyles, are full of people also struggling with addiction, we are surrounded by the energy of addiction, and many of us can’t help but absorb it. We’re picking up their dependence issues, their fears, and anxieties, their neediness, and instability. We’re all impacted by the people around us, and when we’re around other people also struggling with addiction, our own struggles can be compounded. We’ve become so comfortable and familiar with our routines, with staying in the comfort zone of living with addiction, that it’s even harder for us to push ourselves up and out of that when we’re surrounded by people in the same predicament. We become complacent, in part because everyone around us has too.

Falling Into Depression and Giving Up On Ourselves

Another major factor keeping us stuck in our addictive patterns is all of the mental and emotional pain we’re experiencing. If we weren’t already struggling with mental illnesses before we developed our addictions, the sad and painful place we’re in can cause us to develop them. When we’re depressed, it’s hard enough to make it through the day, to get out of bed, to summon our hope and optimism to move forward, let alone to schedule a therapy session or research treatment centers. We’re in so much pain that many of us give up on ourselves. We feel disappointed and fed up with ourselves and our lives, and we come to believe that our efforts are futile, especially if we’ve already relapsed in the past. When working to heal from our addictions, one of the first things we’ll need to do to get unstuck is addressing our mental health challenges, especially since for many of us they compound and feed our addictive patterns.

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